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    Need advice I got a new baby bunny

    Hi . Today I bought a new bunny his name is Oliver he is a male lion lop he is 8 weeks old . I got him at pets at home in newry I know alot of people are against buying rabbits at pets shops and would rather adopt but there is no rabbit shelter in Ireland and hardly ever any bunnies in rescues...
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    Can 2 unspayed female live happily together?

    Hi all I have 3 rabbits , 2 unspayed females (nibbles & phoebe ) one neautered male (muffin ) Muffin and nibbles are bonded and live happily together would it be possible to bond phoebe to the other buns I know bonding a trio and be a tricky and fragile thing having the risk of splitting up...
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    Rabbit savvy vets in Ireland?

    Hi all . I live in Ireland in Co. Louth and I don't know if there are any rabbit savvy vets where I live . I go to a local vets when ever I have to take them I took my male rabbit to get neutered and the vet did an excellent job but I have 2 unspayed female rabbit I want to get spayed I know...
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    Bald patch !

    Hi so u was petting my minilop phoebe today and found a bald spot on her shoulder it kinda seems a bit flaky I took a pic for you guy to see Could u tell me what might have caused this and how to treat it could it be miss or something
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    Concerned about my rabbits eye

    Hi . I have two lion head cross angora bunnies. One of my rabbits nibbles has almost everyday had a problem with her right eye her fur is very long around her face and hay almost always gets caught in her eye and her eye will be very red and I'd have to flush it out with saline solution and...
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    Rabbit pellets

    Hi , so I have 1 baby rabbit 5 months old and 2 adult rabbits 1 1/2 years old I am currently feeding my baby phoebe burgess excel junior and dwarf pellets I use to feed the adult rabbit muffin and nibbles the same brand but the adult ones I recently found out that the adult pellets have...
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    Grooming help

    Hi all I have 2 lion head cross angora bunnies that need a lot of grooming almost everyday they are supper fluffy but they hate being groomed so much and really stresses them out because I have to pick them up to brush them so I don't have a strong bond with them ... does anyone have any...
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    Rabbit bonding any advice please ?

    Hi so I'm thinking of getting a third rabbit I currently have 2 bonded bunny's muffin(male) and nibbles (female) muffin is neutered but nibbles is not spayed ... if I get a female bunny will they fight and if I get a male rabbit and neuter him and introduce them will they fight or not if...
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    My rabbuts have never molted

    I have had my two rabbits for almost a year and they have not molted once yet .. there a year old now and I groom them quite often as they are dwarf teddy lionhead rabbits they look like mini angora rabbits to me :D is it possible that they did molt and i didn't notice .. when do rabbits begin...
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    Please help with litter training

    Hi my two buns are great with litter training only when there is no carpet or fleece and it's frustrating cuz they live in my room the cage is always open the floor is wood but I'd love to have a carpet but they always pee and poo on it and also on my bed any ideas on how I can stop this my male...
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    Housing and care for a giant bunny

    Hi I just thought I come on here before I buy my new bunny ... I already have 2 lionhead rabbit's that I love to death and am thinking of adopting a french lop rabbit very soon already have someone waiting on an answer if I'm going to take there bunny ... I know french lops are a giant breed...
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    Help .. rabbit bonding

    So I started yesterday with bonding my two rabbit and they haven't been fighting at all just mainly mounting from nibbles (female) and muffin (male) he doesn't really care at all but nibbles is a very nervous and sensitive rabbit yesterday muffin tried to mount her and she got very stressed...
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    Rabbit bonding

    Hi I have two rabbits brother and sister they have not been spayed or neutered yet so they live in seperate cages beside each other so they can still see and sniff each other muffin the male is going to get neutered tomorrow and i was wondering after he recovers from his surgery and his...
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    Can I feed camomile everyday ?

    Hi My two rabbit absolutely love camomile ! i can't get the plant where I live , well i havnt seen any so I gave them the 100% camomile tea and they couldn't get enough of it Was wondering if I can give this to them everyday cuz they just love it so much ! Thanxs Micaela
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    Rabbit neuter concerned ?

    Hi Im getting my male rabbit neutered next week and i was talking to the vet today and asked if there are any medication he is going to give to me after the operation he said no just going to give him a pain killer and antibiotic injection I'm just wondering if the rabbit wil be in pain the...
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    Ferret cage for bunnies ?

    Hi I have two lionhead bunnies 10 months old brother and sister there in separate cages because there not neuterd but I plan on doing that when I'm on my summer holidays . Right now they live in a 3X2 nic cage there quite small so it's alot of space for them they can take about 4 to 5 hopes...