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    mammary cancer

    A few days ago i noticed a rather lumpy mass on my rabbit. She is an english angora but a rather large-not fat-just large english angira at about 10 pounds. I clipped her a few weeks back and didnt notice any mass at that time. This mass is about an inch from her top nipple. I can pick it up...
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    panacur dosing help

    Last year my little guy got EC. It was managed although he did retain a slight mobility issue in his rear legs. Hes now got it again and ive purchased the meds. I cant for the life of me remember the dose he got for the panacur. I bought the 10% solution. If anyone can advise me the correct...
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    rabbit mourning very selective eating

    My dear lily passed away on wed at 5.5 years old. She lefy behind her daughter. They were bonded very strongly. Often her daughter laying on top of her just above the shoulders. Shes lost some weight used to be 9 13. Today is 9 6.5 Shes drinking but only eating greens and hay and black oil...
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    ec rear leg weakness

    My english angora is currentky being treated for an ec infection. He has a cataract in his right eye was peeing a lot just puddles everywhere large amounts even peeing when being held which was shocking. Just before he got treatment he really begun having issues with hopping. He can hop but its...
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    Anyone see improvement?

    I posted the other day my vet said my rabbit has a tumor in her leg. Im in the process of getting second opinion as i felt the vet wasnt too sure. When palpated the area he first said its smaller and felt better. Then i get told after xrays its a tumor. I just dont see how he can comment its...
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    Tumor in joint

    My besutiful english angora lily has a tumor in her rear leg joint just around the hock. She is 4 will be 5 in july. This isnt something i was prepared for. Initally it was thought she had an infection. Vet said because of the location,it being smack dab right in the joint he just cant remove...
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    great news!

    My little guy,who hasn't been able to walk in 3 weeks is running cirlces today!!!!! He started walking last night,and I couldn't believe it. I was almost in tears,considering the vet suggested we put him down about 10 days ago. I am so thankful I listened to my heart. I am overfilled with joy.
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    seems hopeless?

    My daughters poor bunny just looks terrible. His rolling has gotten a lot worse from his inner ear infection. I am begging the vet to put him on anti vert,he says it won't help with the inner infection,i know it won't do that,but it will help him cope better. He refuses to drink I have to give...
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    head tilt

    My daughters rabbit had gotten attacked playfully by a cat about 3 weeks ago. He ended up with a severely torn ear and is currently being treated by a vet. Last thursday I had noticed he had a very small barely there head tilt. I took him back to the vet who agreed he has a head tilt,he cleaned...
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    need help

    my rabbit built her nest 4 days ago she lined it with fur 3 days ago. She seems to be tending more to her nest today by lying in it and poking her nose around it what I am worried about is I don't know her due date I am assuming it would be some time here to this weekend she has some bald spots...
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    despicable actions

    i have 5 rabbits one is newly aquired. My brother inlaw kept mentioning how he wanted a baby bunny fathered by my male because he is very gentle mskes no messes outside his cage and will snuggle in bed with me for hours. for the last 3 weeks. My 4.5 year old lionhead has been super grouchy. I...