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    Mum possibly pregnant ! Help

    So when we found out mum was pregnant with first litter. Mum and dad were separated instantly. A week later she had the litter. The babies are now 10 weeks old. We noticed mum made a nest two days ago. Which we thought was a phantom, as it would be impossible for her to pregnant as we followed...
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    Mum looks ill, babies are 6 weeks

    So looking for some advice. Our rabbit are outdoor rabbits. They are in secure cages. When mum had babies, we bought mum and babies inside to keep them safe and warm. When babies were 4 weeks, we starting putting mum outside during the day, as suggested by vet to give her some space. She had 6...
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    Doe running away from babies

    Evening, Just me again. So we lost 3 babies around the week mark, to severe injuries caused by mum. We found putting mum out for the day and putting her back with kits overnight has worked. No more injured. Mum appears happier and babies are just over 2 weeks and running round like mad. I have...
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    Help - Babies badly injured **

    Hello, Please be kind. I inherited two girls and noticed one was creating a nest, I checked the other “girl” and it turned out to be a boy. It obviously was too late and she got pregnant. I don’t have a lot of knowledge around looking after baby kits but I have done as much research as...