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    Baby rabbit with a big head

    Hello! So I have three very young rabbits (4-ish days old), and I noticed that one of the babies has a noticeably larger head in comparison to her body than the other 2 do. I found a pic from here: Saving Baby Rabbits Found Cold and drew on it for reference. The other two have heads roughly...
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    Can you kiss your rabbit?

    Sorry, I know that this is a strange question, and I might not have put it in the right place, but I was wondering.....can I give my rabbit a kiss? Is it bad, because i might have some harmful bacteria on me, or is it completely fine? I know that this is a bit of a silly question, but still, I...
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    Emergency! Newborn rabbit care? Please help!!!

    Hello! So a 1-eyed rabbit gave birth on our cold, concrete driveway, and then ran away. She didn't come back. We took the babies inside before a crow could eat them, and to help keep them warm. (a crow already ate the placenta) They are now in a plastic 'brooder box' (a plastic tub that is the...