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  1. MiniLopHop

    Netherland Dwarf

    Cross posted from CCSPCA page (West Chester, PA): Need some help from any Rabbit people! I have a year old Netherland Dwarf! He's a great little guy, he's litter trained, walks on a leash, and is a sweetheart! Unfortunately my daughter has lost interest, and even though he's getting the best...
  2. MiniLopHop

    culture in various US states

    I am getting restless and think it is about time to move again.... I have lived in PA for almost 15 years, Ohio before that with a short stint in NC. I have noticed various places in the country have vary different cultures. Growing up in Ohio it was still rather religious, conservative, and...
  3. MiniLopHop

    SPCA education program!

    The staff has changed at my local SPCA and we are finally starting a community education effort around rabbits! :yes: I am thinking of giving a monthy presentation that people can come and bring any questions. I also have a book that I have been working on that covers basics that we could sell...
  4. MiniLopHop

    Everyone has an opinion about what I eat.

    :soapbox So why does everyone have to have an opinion about what I eat? Just because I had gastric bypass does not mean I need advice from everyone about what to eat. I have lost 125 pounds and changed my life style drastically. Yet everyone has their weight loss story and feels it is ok to...
  5. MiniLopHop

    They ate a chocolate protein bar!!!!

    So, either Panda or Sophie got into my purse sometime last night and ate a chocolate protein bar! I'm not sure which one did it but I'm positive it is one of the two chow hounds. I found the wrapper on the floor (my purse was on the table). They are both eating and drinking just fine and...
  6. MiniLopHop

    scrubbing around the house?

    Hi! I'm interested in seeing how frequently people do differnt cleaning chores around their house, particularly scrubbing. I'm in an organizational class that is helping me set up a cleaning schedule but it's hard to figure out. I'm not sure what "normal" people do. It's so much easier to see...
  7. MiniLopHop

    Gerbil going in circles

    My poor little gerbil, Barnum, is going in circles. When he sits up to eat he leans to the side. He's 5 and this is the first time I have seen this sort of behavior so I'm afraid it is medical. He's going to the vet tonight and I fear the worst. If it is a stroke or seizures he probably won't be...
  8. MiniLopHop

    Going to Israel

    Well, I am officially booked to go to Israel for work November 9-15. This will be just the second time out of the US, the first being Paris a few years ago for work as well. I will be running training sessions and not get much touristy time, but that is ok. I'm excited to get to meet...
  9. MiniLopHop

    Overnight trip - 24 hours alone ok?

    My husband wants to do an overnight trip for his birthday. I hate leaving the buns alone, but it would only be 24 hours. If I give them extra food and make sure the hay and water is topped off, do you think it would be ok? My normal pet sitter is not available because he is out of town that...
  10. MiniLopHop

    buns gone wild

    I just have to share with people who will "get it". Last night I made stuffed baked apples for a dinner get together at a friend's house tonight. I had Panda and Bunnicula dancing around my feet the whole time I put it together. I may have "dropped" a piece of apple or two and a couple of...
  11. MiniLopHop

    Typical meal for England 1930?

    I'm looking for suggestions for menu items for a dinner party I am planning. It is a murder mystery evening where everyone dresses up and plays a part. I want to continue the theme with the food served, but I'm not even sure where to look for ideas. Then it came to me- all the folks from the UK...
  12. MiniLopHop

    Anyone do karate?

    I'm thinking of giving karate lessons a try. There is a group at my gym that teaches Tang Soo Do, which is a Korean mixed martial arts. The main reason I want to learn is so I can feel confident I could defend myself if necessary. I don't think I would need it in present day, but I think it...
  13. MiniLopHop

    Disapproving rabbit of the day- Becky!

    Becky is the dissaproving rabbit of the day! :biggrin2: She was having a lot of fun when we took this picture, but she looks mad. Perhaps she doesn't like people in HER bed?
  14. MiniLopHop

    carbohydrate intervention needed

    Panda and Bunnicula are serious addicts! I have no clue where they found out about oreos, but they tackled us! Panda licked my lips he was so trying to get in my mouth. We need to set up an intervention! :biggrin2:
  15. MiniLopHop

    growing again as an adult?

    This isn't urgent, but more of an observation on rabbit health. Is it possible that Bunnicula is growing again as an adult? I was told she was 1 year 8 months old. However, in the three weeks I have had her she has gained 1/2 a pound and looks larger over all. She wasn't terribly skinny and...
  16. MiniLopHop

    Anderson bunnies internationally famous!

    Thanks to Alma, the Anderson bunnies are now internationally famous with adoring fans in Canada was well as the US! This wonderful sign will be at the entrance to the bunny barn for the fair. Houdini aleady thinks he is a rock star, there will be no living with him after this. :P
  17. MiniLopHop

    Anderson warren family meeting

    Over the weekend I took all 6 kids to Petsmart to meet in neutral territory. I was so impressed at how well they did! There were a few minor scuffles that I could break up by telling them to be good. Lots of treats were had by all. the car made poor Becky dizzy and the...
  18. MiniLopHop

    Petti Paws

    Has anyone tried using petti paws on their rabbit? What did you think of it?
  19. MiniLopHop

    transferrable skills- brainstorming switching industries

    I am brainstorming how to switch industries. The pharmaceutical industry sucks and is getting worse. The only problem is that is the only thing I have ever done. I have a background in biology but I do mostly computer work. Has anyone changed industries during their career? How did you...
  20. MiniLopHop

    Panda- what breed do you think he is?

    Yet another breed question. Panda is one of the FL bunnies that were transported over the weekend. I am thinking he's a hot tot mix? Bunnicula is obviously dutch. They are so freaking sweet! I can't believe people gave them up.