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  1. TreasuredFriend

    Misshapen and small rabbit poops?

    @BinkyLouie -- you are extremely thoughtful to be concerned about your bun's output. - Lots of healthy poo makes every bun parent happy! Medirabbit site can be accessed often. I am fostering a captured stray who was likely an Easter bunny "dump" - and fecals tested positive for hookworm and...
  2. TreasuredFriend

    Nail trimming

    I gently extract each foot or front paw from the swaddle wrap. I can sense each bun's tenseness or relaxed demeanor as they recognize we will do no harm. Our sanctuary crew is accustomed to being swaddled (not all, but most are) so the brief minute or less they are swaddled and lovingly...
  3. TreasuredFriend

    Misshapen and small rabbit poops?

    Normal and abnormal fecal and cecal feces of rabbits -- MediRabbit
  4. TreasuredFriend

    Rabbit keeps licking/sniffing/eating something from his groin area?
  5. TreasuredFriend

    How many cups of veggies should I feed to my rabbit?

    Flemish Giant has the white bowl, top center. 3.9 stray intake has the burgundy bowl, top L. Since 2003 we have cared for an average of 9-28 buns (that's an average with fosters, rescued strays, and adopted family). Once adulthood is achieved, we provide their salad servings as shown...
  6. TreasuredFriend

    Vets that will spay/neuter a rabbit in the bay area for $100-200

    Sadness. I am swamped with calls to take in rabbits that people no longer want to care for. By time we finish wellness exam, treatment for parasites of the captured stray, and spay surgery - we'll be spending $650 or more. It is horrible how humans consider sentient beings disposable...
  7. TreasuredFriend

    Spaying My Bunny
  8. TreasuredFriend

    Spaying My Bunny
  9. TreasuredFriend

    Nail trimming

    A towel swaddle helps. There are a few in our sanctuary crew that do not tolerate being tipped on their back so I understand not everybunny will tolerate nail trims this way.
  10. TreasuredFriend

    Nail trimming

    Yes, I have read those cautions about trancing a rabbit. From all the years we've had rabbits, I never leave them on their back to watch their head fall away or tip backwards from their neck. An opposum might play dead for a sniffing mammal of a predatory species, but imo, rabbits aren't...
  11. TreasuredFriend

    At ER vet right now!
  12. TreasuredFriend

    Rabbit with broken leg. In a big dilemma.

    You can confer with bun owners on Disabled Rabbits forum on Facebook, also, for their experiences. Our 11-y.o. indoor dutchie mysteriously fx'd her femur one morning in 2019. I gave her strict cage rest. I knew she would not tolerate amputation or surgery well as she was extremely bonded...
  13. TreasuredFriend


    Keeping you and the buns in my thoughts.
  14. TreasuredFriend

    EXTREMELY URGENT - flooded cottontail nest

    I rehabbed for many years prior to transitioning to domestic rescue. Ditto on above. Thank you for caring and wanting them to survive. A large majority of humans wouldn't give a darn. My love for lagormorphs grew strong as I cared for vulnerable orphaned baby cottontails or injured...
  15. TreasuredFriend

    Nail trimming

    We burrito wrap all of our fur-babes and gently rest them on their backs. Have done this procedure for 18 years. In less than a minute, we are done. Hub helps me for the buns that are too long to fit in my lap well, or be swaddled briefly, or have dark nails. They keep their eyes open and...
  16. TreasuredFriend

    Struggling to find Timothy hay for a good price!!

    @BinkyLouie - try a google search on Best Hay Bales In Los Angeles, California. Best to get word-of-mouth recommendations from rabbit-parents & members here, as well.
  17. TreasuredFriend

    Struggling to find Timothy hay for a good price!!

    @Mariam+Theo , that's happened to us as well. A batch of hay will be stinky, brown, moldy or damp and then it's tossed. I smile when I find a cut-up volleyball, gloves, or some odd item in a bale from a local farmer, and once you locate a reputable source, you've found a gold mine! Birds...
  18. TreasuredFriend

    Struggling to find Timothy hay for a good price!!

    All Pets Cost Money. When you acquire a rabbit, hay is an absolute neccesity for healthy gut function and to keep their incisors trim. Hay is a much needed requirement just like welcoming a canine pet into our family and taking him / her to a DVM for heartworm pills to prevent a fatal...
  19. TreasuredFriend

    I'm so happy to have my bunnies

    @DelawareRunner -- Ditto. Hubby told the ortho surgeon in 2009 that I couldn't be kept long in the hospital for them to put a plate and screws in my multiple fx'd humerus bone. My therapy companion, my avatar harlequin girl, needed me as much as I needed her. In order to heal faster and...
  20. TreasuredFriend

    Well that was unexpected

    We quickly learn that our pets will cost money. Yes, it's extremely beneficial to adopt from a rescue or shelter where the knowledgeable network of DVMs already sp/euter their surrendered buns and collaborate with rescues. Rescues collaborate to get their intakes fixed. OTOH, we've taken in...