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    Marathon bonding boys

    Same sex bonded pairs. Eventually when they feel comfortable one will not run away and they will settle down. Bunnies need time to get used to each other.
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    Handmade Bunny Dolls

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    Handmade Bunny Dolls

    I am not sure all the jpegs uploaded.
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    Handmade Bunny Dolls

    If you know a child bunny lover, there is a woman in Russia that provides patterns to sew mini bunny dolls on Etsy. I would recommend for experienced sewers as it is quite hard sewing 3 inch jackets. Its absolutely darling and a wonderful gift for a young bunny lover. Its a lot of work though...
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    Are bird droppings harmful to rabbits?

    Pigeon feces can spread histoplasmosis to humans but I am not sure if rabbits can get that. In the US they do not vaccinate bunnies at all which is hard to accept for bunny owners!
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    Do rabbits have periods

    Rabbits do not have periods. A doe will ovulate if a buck shows interest in her. Bunny urine can be different colors depending on what they ate.
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    My rabbit doesn't seem to like me

    Bunnies have different personalities. Sour Cream may be a more anxious soul. I found that assuming a submissive stance helped. I would get on floor with my head touching carpet. Eventually he would take steps closer and sniff me. I did not try to gesture, I stayed passive. Then I could crouch...
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    Horrific rabbit death

    The owner is ultimately responsible for the damage their pet does. Period. A pet owner knows the behavior of their pet and must take precautions so their pet does not hurt people or animals. Or property. I am not sure there are bad animals, there are aggressive animals who see bunnies as prey...
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    Marathon bonding boys

    Correction: I kept the adopted bun in cage in same room. Hell hath no furry like a jealous territorial doe. She did not appreciate the intrusion and flexed her dominance towards newbie. Poor fellow, when i let him out she chased him like maniac. He would try to hide. I had to rescue him as its...
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    Marathon bonding boys

    It may be more common than you think. I had a neutered male and adopted a bunny that wasnt wanted. Poor bunny was huge, clunky and had never seen a bunny. He was raised with dogs. He did not want my doe, he fell head over heels for my neutered male. It caused tremendous jealousy from the doe as...
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    GI Stasis

    I had a bunny that had stasis and it was treated as an emergency. She was given x-rays and tests. When I could take her home it was with the above meds mentioned and I was given a bag of fluids that I had to inject as a drip, hung the bag from a cabinet drawer (I am a medical lab tech). I had to...
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    How do you clean your bunnies ears?

    If snuffles are present too, you may need some Baytril. Once congestion present, it affects the ears too, just like people.
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    Pet insurance?

    Make sure and read fine print, some insurance plans don't include exotics. Bunny vets are pretty expensive!
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    How do you clean your bunnies ears?

    Since bunnies are silent, it amazes me how in tune all bunny parents become in body language. We vibe on them and they vibe on us and clues are everywhere to help us know what they are trying to let us know. No bark or meowing in their case, just body language. I find that cool and its why our...
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    How do you clean your bunnies ears?

    My bunny uses Metacam for his arthritis, thats a nice pain med. Takes the edge off.
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    Goodbye Thumper I loved you so...

    You can be sure that Thumper was so happy you loved him till the end. They know. Poor little mite.
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    Bun doesn't recognise Bonded Bun after haircut

    They will probably be snuggie again in no time. Bunnies are really sensitive and any change in their routine can make them a little nervous.
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    How do you clean your bunnies ears?

    The shaking of head and teeth grinding can indicate infection and pain too. Bun may have an ear infection or sinus infection that should be rules out. I cleaned out my bunnies ears but his vet went behind me with her light and very long swab and really got in there. She said vigorous head...
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    Babies front legs folded inwards

    Poor little thing. If they are unable to correct the legs, maybe they have a little critter wheelchair like puppies have, with front wheels. Disabled bunnies are a lot of work but so worth it. My bunny both deaf and blind as senior. All bunnies full of love for all the care we provide. Keep us...
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    What is up with this forum site

    I am doubtful she is a young girl, some people on all internet sites get a kick out of deception and manipulation. Something there is not right. Please do not judge this forum by that user, or any other contrived profiles this person creates. You can say you are 12 but in reality be 40 years...