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  1. Nancy McClelland

    Need update on Vet list for Las Vegas.

    Have old listing, 10+ years old and none are here any more, Cheapest we found was $350+ out of 2 that will do it--too high for our fixed income budget. Help!!!
  2. Nancy McClelland

    "God must love idiots 'cause he made so darn many!

    Thank you G Carlin. My wife went shopping yesterday. She asked a man why he wasn't wearing a mask and he cussed her out. She got the store manager and he did the same thing and she did nothing. He told her he was exempt. There is a short list of exemptions for physical limitations but he...
  3. Nancy McClelland

    Enough already--get the politics out of here!

    Just saw an ad at the top for a survey if you support Trump--click on the "YES" to take the survey and then get hit up for a donation. I thought he was self made and doing so well that he shouldn't need in my pocket. Thought I had a sanctuary here from all the political drivel that's only...
  4. Nancy McClelland

    Mr Hoppes went to the bridge.................

    Another sad day and another loss of a sweet little man. He was a rescue that came to us from N Calif via Operation Roger and 3 caring people to drive him from there to here. He was the cutest little single mane Lionhead we had ever seen. He'd been surrendered and adopted out 3 times and...
  5. Nancy McClelland

    Goodbye Petey

    Had to make the dreaded last trip to the vet with Peter yesterday. Again, he was another rescue so we don't know his true age but he spent 13 wonderful years with us. He was a full size Chincilla with beautiful coloring--one of the nicest I've seen and he was 10 pounds, so he was fairly large...
  6. Nancy McClelland

    Goodbye to my sweet little Bambi

    We just took our little Mini Rex for her last trip to the vet. Such an amazing bunny--where to start? If I forgot to close her hutch, she'd jump up into it and put herself up. She was a world class jumper and got onto things even my larger bunnies couldn't get to. She's been with us more...
  7. Nancy McClelland

    Gouldian Finches

    Just got 2 new Gouldian finches this morning by mail from Bev in Tucson--they are very beautiful.
  8. Nancy McClelland

    Goodbye Birdy Buddy

    One of our Zebra Finches passed yesterday--only 4 years, but it was a joy to share our house with him and his brother who is still with us. Rest in peace little man.:cry4:
  9. Nancy McClelland

    Goodbye Tom Petty

    Was in a state of shock yesterday when I read of Tom's passing. First, I thought it was a hoax, then hoped it was so. Another one gone that we never got to see as they didn't come here on any of the last 3 tours. He was such a great writer--was saying his last tour was his "last" as he wanted...
  10. Nancy McClelland

    Hutch went to the rainbow bridge today

    Our little rescue mis marked Dutch made his last vet trip today. He came to us 12 years ago in March, so he was close to 13. The last couple of weeks he got a tumor on his front leg and couldn't hardly use his back legs either. He still loved his veggies and treats and was eating but he'd...
  11. Nancy McClelland

    Oldest Bunny we have had!

    Just checked on the records for Bambi as she was born on the 7th--1999, so she is going to be 18 in a couple of days. Our other mini Rex, Coal made it to 15 and change. According to the woman that surrendered her to the animal shelter-anyway, she's been with us for over 12 years...
  12. Nancy McClelland

    Goodbye my little Girl Nikki

    Another sad day for us--just took Nikki, our avatar bunny into the vets to have her checked out. The news was not very good--she has a bad heart murmur, stones in her bladder and she's lost a lot of weight and was not eating like she used to. She's been blind and deaf for a few years now too...
  13. Nancy McClelland

    Lela passed last night

    Lela, our first Great Dane passed to the bridge last night. Been expecting it for awhile now as she was pretty feeble compared to how she used to be when we got her, 14 years ago. For a Dane, she was ancient and outlived two of our other canines, but, all things to come to an end time. Tempus...
  14. Nancy McClelland

    "Good News, Everyone"

    I like quoting Prof. Hubert Farnsworth (Futurama). Tomorrow we are going to add another one to our Futurama named pets. Bender B Rodriquez, a Silver Merle Great Dane--same parents as Phillip J Fry, just a year apart. Fry is now 204 pounds and silly as all get out, always wanting to play...
  15. Nancy McClelland

    Goodbye my little honker

    Lilli, our lop mix rescue from Arizona passed to the bridge yesterday morning. She'd been fading for a couple of months now, but we all hope it isn't so even when we know better. Just another reminder that all my rescue are getting geriatric and could go at any time. She was a fun and funny...
  16. Nancy McClelland

    Goodbye my Giant Girl

    Serena, a Checkered Giant we rescued a decade ago is on her last trip to the vet. She has been in decline and losing weight and mobility for several months, but this morning she didn't touch her treats or eat her veggies--if you knew her you'd know this was serious because she lived for food...
  17. Nancy McClelland

    Feel Like Screaming!

    Gonna have to take my big girl, Serena, for that "last trip" to the vet today. She's been slowing down the last six months and doesn't get around like she used to--was one of the busiest bunnies when she was out and you haven't lived til you've seen a 19 pound Checkered Giant doing binkies...
  18. Nancy McClelland

    Our new "little man" is here.

    As most know, we lost our big girl Amy a few months ago so we've been down to a single dog, Lela, for a few months. Kept looking for another Bull Mastiff and the closest we could find was more than 200 miles. Was gonna adopt a Doberman from Doberman Rescue but when Nancy talked to the person...
  19. Nancy McClelland

    Peanut is gone!

    Before you get too worked up, she went back to her slave larryng as they are finished remodeling his condo. We were thinking of moving to Arizona or telling him she ran away. She is such a little cutie and the fastest bunny I've ever seen.:ohwell:
  20. Nancy McClelland

    Just need to vent--still very p'od

    My mother passed on March 6, 2010. Didn't find out from my wonderful sister that she'd been sick since October of 2009 and had finally passed till the end of June, 2010. She claims she didn't have any contact info for us--birthday cards, xmas cards, mothers' day etc. all had the address and...