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  1. Scarlette

    How do I make my rabbit to drink more water ?

    Is using fruit juice okay? I have some orange juice I juiced this morning
  2. Scarlette

    How do I make my rabbit to drink more water ?

    I offer her a bowl for water, but it's the shape of a big mug, and do dump his water and refill it daily or when it's empty.
  3. Scarlette

    How do I make my rabbit to drink more water ?

    I just came back from a vet appointment with my rabbit, and my vet said that my rabbit is dehydrated. Corrie, my rabbit, is going to a surgery soon in about a week, so I need to get her blood levels back to normal within a week. Any tips for encouraging Corrie to drink more water? Thanks for...
  4. Scarlette

    The food game

    Mousse au chocolat
  5. Scarlette

    The food game

  6. Scarlette

    The food game

    Elbow Macaroni
  7. Scarlette

    Would you rather game

    Kitten! I absolutely love cats!! White or Black??
  8. Scarlette

    Get to know each other game!

    Yep!, I've been to Japan, China, Mexico, and lots and lots of other countries. TPBM had other pets before getting a rabbit
  9. Scarlette

    The Genie game

    Your wish is granted!, but your new giant rabbit eats everything I wish I could ice skate right now
  10. Scarlette

    This or That? (game)

    Lots of friends! I haven't seen my friends since last year, I really miss them ;-; Popsicle or Ice cream ??
  11. Scarlette

    The food game

    Strawberry Milkshake
  12. Scarlette

    The food game

  13. Scarlette

    This or That? (game)

    Snow because you can have more fun in snow! Like make snowmen or have snowball fights!! Hot or Cold ?
  14. Scarlette

    Back arching

    You should give him some Infant Mylicon if you have some in your hands (or buy some from your local pharmacy if it isn't too late). I'm not sure if you can give your rabbit American Health acidophilus, but some Infant Mylicon would definitely help. Hope this helps you and your bunny! Here's a...
  15. Scarlette

    This or That? (game)

    Streaming because you get to choose whatever you want to watch with no ads Indoors or outdoors ?
  16. Scarlette

    Bunny Nicknames

    Corrie's Nicknames! : CorCor, Sweetie (Only my mom calls him that), 兔子 (Chinese for rabbit), and Fattie (Since all Corrie does is eat XD)
  17. Scarlette

    Fun Game

    I don't really eat Mac & Cheese because I come from an asian family and all I really get to eat is asian food. But I really like the fancy homemade Mac and Cheese, it taste delish!! I'm not a fan of instant Mac and Cheese, Like the Kraft Mac & Cheese, because it taste pretty cheap (hey! I have...
  18. Scarlette

    Artist Pet Peeves?

    I don't really do art, but in art class I really hate it when I accidently smear my charcoal sketches. It's really annoying! ;-;
  19. Scarlette

    The ban game

    I ban you from banning me!! >: ) Now I have no such weakness, You can't stop me!!!!
  20. Scarlette

    This or That? (game)

    Henna (You mean the tattoos, right?) Sweet or Spicy ??