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  1. pamnock

    Barn Renovation

    Barn renovation nearly complete with 56 new cages! Just have to install the new Borak auto water system.
  2. pamnock

    Westmoreland, PA Rabbit School March 24 For adults as well as youth. Deadline to sign up for classes is Feb. 18. Great for 4-Her's!
  3. pamnock

    Rabbit Hopping at PA State Convention

    This year's convention will feature rabbit hopping for the first time! The PA state convention is held in Feb. in Lebanon, PA. Here's the catalog: see pg. 28 for rabbit hopping info
  4. pamnock


    It seems like I've been going to school forever, but I'll finally be graduating from Registered Nursing school tonight! I'm very excited to have been accepted for a position in the behavioral health unit at the hospital where I went to school. Can't wait to get started with orientation on...
  5. pamnock

    Ailment Photos Needed

    I'm doing a power point presentation on rabbit ailments next weekend and am looking for interesting photos to add to my presentation. If anyone has any photos medical conditions that I would have permission to use for my presentation for local youth, please post them on this thread. I still have...
  6. pamnock

    New Breed in the Barn - Rhinelanders

    Matthew brought home a pair of Rhinelanders from a show this weekend! Here's the buck . . .
  7. pamnock

    June Show Wins

    My son Matthew grand championed another Dwarf Hotot this weekend. Here is his fabulous home bred doe, "Nock's Ginger" with her BOB and BOS awards from this weekend.
  8. pamnock

    Attn. Math Experts (percentages/ratios)

    I want to be sure I'm doing this right (I have a nursing math exam in a couple weeks - applicants are expected to get a minimum of 90%!). 1. Change the following percentages to ratios and to decimals: 16 2/3% .4% 9/10% 37.5%
  9. pamnock

    UK Judge Oz blog

    UK Judge Phil Batey posted a blog on his judging tour in New Zealand and Australia. I found it very interesting . . .
  10. pamnock

    E. cuniculi - eyes

    I took the photo below at a rabbit show yesterday of a Holland Lop with a vertical white line down the center of each pupil (in the eye, not on the cornea). I sent it to Dr. Hreiz of ARBA and thought others might find his reply informative: "E. cuniculi is your #1 differential for stromal...
  11. pamnock

    Pizza Cake for Scout Auction

    This is a cool cake that my son and husband made for the Cub Scout auction. It was really easy for them to make and a lot of fun! Recipe: (makes 2 pizza cakes) 1 vanilla box cake mix 2 round pizza pans coconut for "cheese" raisins for "black olives" 1 can frosting (color it red) for...
  12. pamnock

    Sore abscessed hocks

    I'm posting this for informational purposes as well as additional suggestions: A friend of mine has a Flemish Giant buck with sore, abscessed hocks (the infection is spreading up the leg). Abscesses are drained and flushed daily. Culture: Proteus mirabilis Prescribed by vet: 20 days of...
  13. pamnock

    Dog Saves Woman Held With Knife to Her Throat

    Hooray for Wally! Wally, an old golden retriever, grabbed the assailant by the leg as the man held a knife to his victim's throat and demanded money. The woman's screams prompted a call to the police who arrived to find a stalemate as the man would not release the woman until the dog released...
  14. pamnock

    Fat Ralph

    Not sure if anyone posted this news release, but I saw it on facebook . . .
  15. pamnock

    Printable 4-H Rabbit Flashcards

    I've been working on my site and now have a link for over 200 printable rabbit 4-H flashcards at
  16. pamnock

    PA State Rabbit Convention Lebanon, PA

    The Pennsylvania State Rabbit Breeders Convention is just around the corner! The catalog has been posted online The show is expecting over 12,000 entries and has hired more than 30 judges for this major exhibition! Rabbit vendors...
  17. pamnock

    Checkered Giant Bite Wound

    I was judging 6-class when a young Checkered nailed my right arm. He left me with a nasty 2 1/2 cm gash and a bruised armwhenhe bit methrough an Ace bandage I had on my arm for tendonitis (luckily). I probably would have required stitches if I hadn't had my arm wrapped. Two days later, it's...
  18. pamnock

    District 9 ARBA Convention

    Mid Atlantic Rabbit & Cavy Shows – Officers President Brian Bell (NJ) Vice President Travis Finkle (MD) Secretary Dr. Jay Hreiz (NC) Treasurer Lori Jo Whitehaus (PA)...
  19. pamnock

    Happy Birthday Carl!

    I wanted to remember forum member "Buck Jones" (Carl) on his special day. Carl was one of the original members of the forum, who passed away, but his wisdom remains with us through his past posts on the forum. Miss you Carl! Hope you are doing the "bunny hop" up in heaven with all your...
  20. pamnock

    Bob Whitman

    I just received an email that Bob Whitman, ARBA director and author of Domestic Rabbits & Their Histories, has lost his battle with cancer. Pam