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  1. Janellek

    Get to know each other game!

    True! The person below me likes chocolate;)
  2. Janellek

    Baby bunnies:) -Where to list?

    the only bad part is that they know it😆
  3. Janellek

    Dying rabbit please help.

    Try and get it to a animal rehab or vet ASAP good luck❤️
  4. Janellek

    Baby bunnies:) -Where to list?

    We have two male bunnies left and are located in the okanagan. They are lion head Holland lop/ Flemish giant... they have come out beautifully and i just wanted to ask if anyone knows where I could list them? I have done FB and kijiji. Any other recommendations?
  5. Janellek

    Post your rabbits “model photos”

    Here is some baby models;) My bunnies babies were made for this....
  6. Janellek

    Bunny pulling out matted fur

    I am not sure but any updates?!?
  7. Janellek

    Finally a picture of her flop

    Way to adorable!!!
  8. Janellek

    Pregnant doe?!

    She should kindle soon sometimes does take 36 days!! Crazy I know;)
  9. Janellek

    Can an x-ray miss a blockage?

    I’m so happy she is doing better! Make sure to keep an eye;) good job handling this situation 😍
  10. Janellek

    open wound on Lionhead bunny

    disinfect it and then get him to a vet ASAP. Five weeks is a dangerous age for having a wound. Don’t squeeze it any more. I hope this helps! Praying all goes well😘
  11. Janellek

    Help with sexing 6.5 week old Holland Lops

    Ya boy boy boy boy girl. Milt way is a bit hard to tell... check again in a week or so I would say:)
  12. Janellek

    Is my rabbit nesting?

    Yes sure sounds like it! Some does start nesting quite early:)
  13. Janellek

    Mom feeding babies?

    They are doing so good! Thankyou:)
  14. Janellek

    Breeding English Lops

    I had a doe like that! Try every morning and evening until she gives in. I also find if you tickle the bottom of there tail they tend to lift:)
  15. Janellek

    Dear bunny parents!

    I think a lot of us on here think bunnies are the best;) but you all need to know that if your stressed about bunnies it means that you really care. For example I hate going to school because I just want to be with my bunnies and make sure everything is going well I have had two adult bunnies...
  16. Janellek

    2 wk old litters play together?

    Oh that’s smart!!! Thankyou:)
  17. Janellek

    Mom feeding babies?

    Okay haha they are still really active and it’s been almost 72 hours so you would think they would be to dehydrated by now correct?
  18. Janellek

    Mom feeding babies?

    I think she is still feeding them... but it’s normal for them to still chase her for milk right😋
  19. Janellek

    Mom feeding babies?

    Hey! I just moved mom and her babies to a different enclosure the babies are three weeks old... she will still feed them right?
  20. Janellek

    Baby bunny dying

    It passed away:( thanks for the help though! We did try syringe feeding but it was to late, I noticed a few days ago it wasn’t moving as much as the others so I made sure it got extra food. It was not a runt or peanut