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  1. Shmibunny

    Help Me Choose A Few Toys For Peanuts Room!

    From a local petshop here in Finland or Zooplus, but Amazon and most petshops in a lot of countries should carry them. :) I like the 25x10 cm size. Too small for my bunnies to go through but affordable and a good size for munching...
  2. Shmibunny

    Help Me Choose A Few Toys For Peanuts Room!

    Apple branches, willow tunnels & balls (made of thin willow), and cat tunnels (single or triple) have always been popular with my buns.
  3. Shmibunny


    My bunnies have never shown much (or any) interest in pre-chopped and pre-packed gnaw sticks for some reason. I think the sticks are just just so dry and dead by then. But they go wild for branches from my parents' apple tree (cut, rinsed with running water, and room-dried; wouldn't give too...
  4. Shmibunny


    Thank you for the update. Sorry to hear it wasn't all good news. I don't have enough knowledge on this, but I hope someone can help you. You are doing your best for your bunny! This thing is still within fixable/manageable. By triangle I am guessing (and I am totally guessing) the vet burred...
  5. Shmibunny

    hair in rabbit's eye

    You could ask for single-dose saline rinse vials that work for eyes, wounds, anything medical. It's what I buy at pharmacy for my bunny who has one eye with slight chronic weeping. They are single use, but handy to have around and pretty inexpensive. Saline solution is a 0,9% sodium chloride...
  6. Shmibunny

    Bunny squeeling in pain

    Is he peeing okay? Crying in pain can happen when a rabbit has a urinary tract infection and is peeing, for example. This can also present as lower tummy pain when palpated because of the inflamed bladder, but a rabbit would likely not be eating normally then. Treatment would be antibiotics...
  7. Shmibunny


    Glad to hear the trim went OK. Hope her tongue will heal soon. I always like to hear updates. Besides, these threads may help someone else in the future. Remember to keep your bun well-hydrated while she's on metacam and medications.
  8. Shmibunny


    You are right. There's no reason put her to sleep. I would not see the vet who suggested it again or at least not put much trust on anything they say. As others said, burring and molar extraction are viable options. Teeth problems are fixable. I wonder how are her gums around the affected...
  9. Shmibunny

    Flooring Suggestions?

    Are you looking to cover the whole floor or parts of it? Our floors are slippery laminate, and I've covered the bottom of their fenced night area with a huge piece of the kind of plastic mat that comes in a roll. Plus they have cotton rugs to hop on, but this way cleaning's easier and I don't...
  10. Shmibunny

    Growing cat grass for rabbits?

    Wheat grass is great and easy to grow indoors whereas oat may turn mouldy more easily. I give my bunnies some wheat grass every day (cut and rinsed on a plate). They also get other greens. It takes about a week from soaking the seeds overnight until harvest. The wheat grass would grow longer...
  11. Shmibunny

    Rabbit absolutely REFUSES to be syringe fed Critical Care?

    It would be very important to find out why he has a GI stasis, but also right now, he really needs enough liquids and food to keep his tummy and body going. I have had to give a lot of Critical Care to bunnies over the years, once in the case of a tooth root abscess while the bunny was healing...
  12. Shmibunny


    My two senior rabbits got similar scabs after their first triple vaccine last autumn. Tiny dry bumps or scabs on their chin, nose, ears. My third, younger one, didn't get them. I was worried sick, but the scabs healed completely in about a month. It didn't affect their eating or behaviour. The...
  13. Shmibunny

    breathing loudly

    How did the vet visit go with your bunny?
  14. Shmibunny

    breathing loudly

    I'm sorry to hear about the trouble with your bunny. How big is the mass? Is it actually *in* the lungs or just overlapping/compressing the black (=airy) area of the lungs in the X-ray? One possibility is a thymoma or a similar mass in the chest cavity. An examination with ultrasound could...
  15. Shmibunny

    Help!!! How long does it take to gain trust after spaying?

    Just be patient and give lots of cuddles on her own terms. She's acting different because her hormones are no longer making her desperate for your attention. She may not crave attention like she used to (or honk and hump things!), but I think you will soon notice she's the same happy bunny...