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    I woke up this morning to find my 8 week old tiny bunny missing in my apartment

    Glad you found her! Just so you know, large bunnies can disappear in a room where there seems to be no place to hide. Don’t get upset next time (there will be a next time) and fuss with the hutch, leaving treats. Curious bunnies have to come home to see what you did!
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    Switching a bunny off parrot food

    I’ll admit I’ve been tempted to buy a bag of parrot food, also! What I actually do is mix food with interesting bits into a bag of plain pellets. I use a covered bin, and have a scoop for one day’s food. The next day I pour the leftover food into the scoop and top it off. This way my bunnies...
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    Bunny vs Snow?

    Usually my area doesn’t dip below 10 degrees F, so 10 degrees is my limit. As I said, they still choose to run outside at that temp, but if it’s going to stay colder for more than three days I bring them in for the rest of the winter. I also believe rapid temp changes are not good for them, so I...
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    Bunny vs Snow?

    My bunnies live outside and have a heated cat bed in their shelter. They choose to leave the warmth of their shelter to run around in their pen even when it’s 10 degrees out. We make a circle path and they chase each other in the snow, and they dig into it as well.
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    Help me figure out why my rabbits are STILL producing excess cecotropes

    I would go the opposite way- lots of food and lots of options. It sounds like your bunnies can run around a lot, as can mine. They live in a grassy, shady, 15X40ft pen and are locked in 4x4ft at night. So, your bunnies can run around a porch all day and get plenty of exercise. My 2 buns get...
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    Does not eat hay out of a hay bin

    How is the hay getting in the litter box? At 13 weeks, My bunnies and I were still working out our kinks. I wanted a hidey hole filled with hay to eat and rest and a separate litter box. They wanted to pee on the hay. I kept moving poop to the litter box, and giving a small pile of hay. My issue...
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    Spaying My 4 month Old - Have Urgent Question

    My 4 year old neutered male was placed in a cage next to an unspayed ( if that’s a word) female in her cage to begin the bonding process. I left her door open because she was a fat rescue who barely moved in her life. Well, the next morning I came into the room to find that the male had opened...
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    Help!!!! I'm at my wits end.

    I would cage him, take him out and gently groom him with a rubber cat brush, check his toenails, and then offer him a bit of apple. Then I would watch TV in a bunny-proofed space, sitting on the floor with bunny toys around, and let him enjoy the space. I’d have a treat available only if he came...
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