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  1. Louisbaby

    HELP!!! Losing weight!! GI STASIS?

    My rabbit has been losing weight since a week or so. He is eating normally. He is active just the way he always is. But for some reason just not gaining his weight back. Hes become boney. And his fur has become greyish. The vet said hes dehydrated but he drinks enough water and now I give him...
  2. Louisbaby

    Rabbit UTI?

    hi guys so my rabbit is peeing in his sleep. I think it happens mostly when he goes into a deep sleep. And his pee is kinda orange? Has this happened with anyone elses bunny?
  3. Louisbaby

    Rabbit urinary infection???

    So some time back my rabbit started letting out pee while he was sleeping. Only while he was sleeping. And the pee had also become redish orange kinda cloudy. When I took him to the vet he said he had an urinary infection and told me to give him ciprofloxacin (antibiotic) for 5 days. So he...
  4. Louisbaby

    I need to leave my bunny alone!!

    Hi guys So I have to go away for 10 days and I decided to give my single rabbit to this guy I know. He wont be able to be with rabbit the way I am but will give him food check up on him and all that. I am going for 10 days and also my rabbit will be open for the whole day and in his cage just at...
  5. Louisbaby

    Really stressed about how my new job will affect my poor bunny help!!!

    Hi guys! So I spend almost all day eith my bunny unless ai go out which is only for about 3 hours or so. Im very close to him. He bonds with me all the time. But I’m about to start a new job from 10 am to 8 pm. And then I would be up till 2 am. Is it fine if I see my rabbit once in the morning...
  6. Louisbaby

    Rabbit has poop clumps stuck on his feet!!

    hey guys my poor rabbit got a poopy butt and along with that got poop clumps stuck on his feet! I’ve washed his feet with rabbit shampoo but nothing really happened. The poop clumps are big and thick. Is there any other way to take the clumps out? Or will he be able to clean it himself?