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    Submarine Bunny Party

    It's National Submarine day, So I made my Rabbits a tiny sub sandwich (from fruits/veggies) & a submarine Digging box! Its definitely too much work, but so adorable! If anyone wants to see how we made our bunny subs, I included it in the full video of our Yellow Submarine Bunny Party here...
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    Easter Bunnies!

    Happy Easter fellow Easter Bunnies! Our hooman made us a super cool Easter Basket, with snacks we can actually eat, including "marshmallow Peeps"! Check out our Easter Party to see it: Our Hooman also included instructions for how to make the "peeps" as well as our Easter Basket (so your...
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    Rabbit Educational Video (feel free to share)

    Hello! Not sure if this is then right place to post this, so please remove if its not allowed. WHile I normally have rabbit parties on my Youtube CHannel (The Bunny Fiesta), I thought I would make an informational video for anyone who is considering adding a pet rabbit to their families an/or...
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    Bunnies Playing Video Games...?

    March 10th was "Super Mario Day" and because I'm a little crazy, I recreated the classic video game for my bunnies to play! See the whole Super Mario Bunny Party here: I also make unique DIY Rabbit Treats/cakes and I break down the bunny-safe "recipes" on my channel too if you want to make...
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    The Bunny Fiesta

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I recently my YouTube Channel called "The Bunny Fiesta." where as the name entails, we have bunnies and we have fiestas. I also make unique, fun , DIY Rabbit Treats and "how-to" "recipe" videos. I thought you guys would appreciate this If...