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  1. killertheturtle

    My ferret has cancer

    Ok, I'll switch back to ferretvite instead of nutrical... was giving the nutrical, honestly, because I get it for free and didn't realize there was that much of a difference. Where exactly the mass is was inconclusive (would need to do an ultrasound I think). I have the rads and could upload...
  2. killertheturtle

    My ferret has cancer

    Thank you Nancy. dazsgeo, we do have the alpha track glucometer... I will give that a try. Like I said, we're not sure of the type of cancer it is, just that it is cancer. I fed him duck soup when he had corona virus a few years ago, he did like it. However, he is still eating his regular...
  3. killertheturtle

    My ferret has cancer

    Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it. Dazsgeo, I posted this thread the day I started Ozzy on pred and he is doing great. Energy level is up (not like it was before, but still much better), he is hungry, alert, playing, balancing ok (still, not 100% but better), etc. That makes me very...
  4. killertheturtle

    My ferret has cancer

    Hello, My 8 year old ferret, Ozzy, has cancer. It has metastasised (sp?) to his lungs, however he is breathing fine and his lungs sound normal. I'm a vet tech at a hospital that only sees cats and dogs, so the doctor I took him to does not have a lot of experience with ferrets. However, the...
  5. killertheturtle

    The Biggest Loser On Earth

    mardigraskisses wrote: Agree. IRL troll
  6. killertheturtle

    My first tattoo

    Please post a picture when you get it!
  7. killertheturtle

    Career change... Vet field?

    I am a vet tech and in undergrad to hopefully go to vet school. I know a lot on the subject. Basically, get experience. The more variety the better (assuming the variety is of good quality and large quantity). You need to have good grades, especially in required classes (math and science)...
  8. killertheturtle

    New to a forum, completely non-rabbit related

    Have you tried the discussion board on the apple website? I used that once when I had a question. They were quick, polite, and knowledgeable. My question was really simple and they even helped me figure out how to get them the more complicated, specific details. Good luck.
  9. killertheturtle

    Staring selling jewellery

    How much did it cost you to make? How much time did it take? Based on those two things, if you think 15 pounds (idk how to make the 'pound' symbol) is worth it, then go for it. I don't buy jewelry or know much about it, but that seems reasonable for a hand made, original piece. It is cute, btw.
  10. killertheturtle

    What to put under an x-pen?

    I have an indoor/outdoor rug on top of a tarp. It was about $10 for a huge rug that I cut to fit and had extra to use other places.
  11. killertheturtle

    bunns with rats?

    Saudade wrote: Generally, only wild rats carry that, at least that is what I have been taught. Anyway, my bunnies lunged/grunted at my rat. They were fine in the same room, but could never be out together. Also, my rat would occasionally stick his head through the rabbit pen and the...
  12. killertheturtle

    Sorry had to get this off my chest!

    That is insane. I know cats reproduce fast, but that is still no excuse. I know this is dishonest, but have you considered pretending you want to adopt a cat, therefore getting his contact info, and then reporting him? Those cats cannot possibly be living in a healthy situation, and I bet...
  13. killertheturtle

    Football hold

    Ahh his face!!! I love it. My buns would never let me do that. I burrito them in a towel and give treats while I do it. Quick question about scent glands, when you express them, do you just push on them from the outside or do you actually glove up and go in rectally?
  14. killertheturtle

    We may adopt

    CKGS wrote: So how did it go?
  15. killertheturtle

    The hardwood floors are going to be trouble

    I moved Bruce from a carpet area to concrete. It took him some time to adjust. I did eventually get a large area rug, and he seemed a lot happier. He did get better on the slippery parts, though. This may not mean much, but I don't think you should feel guilty at all. It sounds like your...
  16. killertheturtle

    I must be out of my mind

    Flashy wrote: I agree. Very nice of you :)
  17. killertheturtle

    Kennel Cough and Bunnies?

    Kennel cough is broad term that is used in all animals that get some type of "kennel cough" (i.e. respiratory distress caused by being around many animals of the same species, like a kennel, or puppy mill, etc.). So rabbits do get kennel cough, however, I believe rabbit kennel cough is a...
  18. killertheturtle

    Flies in Bunny Room

    I've never used fly traps, but I have used the sticky fly paper. It was really weird actually... I used to live in Orange County, and the fly paper worked well. Then I moved to Oceanside, and the fly paper did not help at all... I mean not even one fly flew to it. Nancy said the fly traps...
  19. killertheturtle

    Bruce Wayne

    I had a dream about him last night, he was really happy in it; he binkied around me and followed me for treats. That was nice. I went to Costco and got some pictures printed of him. I got an 8x10 of the picture of him looking at me, with the orange ball in front of him. That is my favorite...