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  1. madisonl702

    Merry Christmas Everybunny!!

    'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there; The bunnies were nestled all snug in their beds; While visions of carrots danced in their...
  2. madisonl702

    New Puppy For The Xmas

    I know this is a rabbit place, but look at this awesome puppy! Look at it! His name is Dog and he's 3 months old. My dad named him.
  3. madisonl702

    Bunny Jumps Super High!!

    I'm amazed. Super amazed. Today, my bunny jumped up on my couch!!! Has this ever happened to you??!!!
  4. madisonl702

    Bunny Chewing Wood-Painted Wood

    My bunny's pen is made of wood and wire. He keeps on chewing the painted wood, do I get some kind of spray??
  5. madisonl702

    Hoppy Holidays!!!

  6. madisonl702

    Traditions:Bunny Edition

    I am a sucker for a good tradition. I am a sucker for a sweet bunny (me and Bugsy aren't quite there yet). In the words of Olaf (from Frozen), put it together and it just makes since!! Here are my so-far traditions with my buggy boy. I'm going to celebrate his b-day, but it's hard Bc idk his...
  7. madisonl702

    What Did You Get Your Buns For Christmas?

    I got this for Bugsy!!! It has a TON of treats in it :) You can read the details on It was $7.99 + shipping and it is stuffed full!!! I also got $5 on my next purchase and a extra treat (on top of the present)!!! They have a Hanukkah one too!!
  8. madisonl702

    Great Bunny Store Website!

    I was looking for a good Christmas bunny store and I found one! It's called
  9. madisonl702

    Jingle Bells!

    I just wanted to show everybody my old yorkie:) Here is Jingle Bells!
  10. madisonl702

    Calling For Woolies Info Please!

    I'm getting a woolie (jersey wooly) today! Here's the info I was told. After I get my bunny, can someone help with telling the color please? Ok, here the info(I know what it looks like I just don't have the pic on hand) Sex: doe DOB: all I know is that it's younger Breed: woolie Color: gray...
  11. madisonl702

    Best Toy For The Season? I Know It!!!

    Today, I went Christmas shopping. As fun as that was(not very:),I found a new toy for Bugsy. What is the best toy that's Christmas themed(kinda) AND SUPER DUPER cheap and useful? Cardboard ribbon rolls , of coarse! They roll really easily,too! You can even stuff hay in it! See...
  12. madisonl702

    Bugsy: the life of a bunny :)

    Hi! Bugsy here! I jus wanted to say my story. I got caught by a hoomin! My granbunnies told me dat their mombunnies and dadbunnies got tooken care of by hoomins. But dey escaped to live in da big world and dey bred and bred until me! I was scared of my hoomin at first, but their food was so...
  13. madisonl702

    Meet Bugsy!

    This is Bugsy. I don't know his breed, Bc I caught him outside my house in the country. My mom had two rabbits(one boy and one girl) that got out and apparently bred. When she got them she didn't know the breed so we don't know now. They looked alike though. Anyways, this is Bugsy. He's a boy...
  14. madisonl702

    Emergency Stuff Every Rabbit Owner Should Have

    I have heard of always having baby gas drops and vita drops for rabbits in the time of an emergency, but what else? Has anybody else found stuff that works really well in your rabbits life??
  15. madisonl702

    Growing Food for Rabbits?!

    In another post I saw that some people grow their own rabbit food. It sounds fun!! If so, what kind of food do you grow? It's just the greens that the buns eat, right? Do you guys do it inside? Cuz winter here is brutal so outside is not in the option. If you do it inside, what kind of container...
  16. madisonl702

    Pictures of Bunnies just Chilling:)

    I haven't named him yet, but this is my bun just chilling;)
  17. madisonl702

    "Husky" Bunny

    My bunny has gotten a little bit, well, pudgy. How do you get a bunny to lose weight healthily? My bunny is still considered a baby, so should I worry about him becoming fatter when he gets big? Should I start him losing weight now or what? I do not know what to do with fat bunnies. And what...
  18. madisonl702

    Rabbit Naming

    Does anyone have really unique and special names? I have tons, but they just don't click! So far my favorites are Rydian for a boy and Arianna for a boy. I haven't seen if it's a boy or girl yet. I will ASAP though.
  19. madisonl702

    Hoppy Halloween!!!

    Hoppy hoppy hoppy Halloween to all the bunniculas!! That's a thing, right?! What do you guys do with your buns? I think I'm staying home instead of parties, any fun treats for me to make?? I found this photo on the web :)
  20. madisonl702

    Bunny Tastes

    No, I don't mean eating rabbits! I mean, what is your bunny's fav food/ treat? I haven't tried giving my bun anything more than just cranberries and normal food. Well, I guess I did try giving my bunny some cilantro and dehydrated cherries but he just turned his nose up. Are they supposed to eat...