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  1. #SirThumpsAlot

    Back arching

    I agree,, sounds like stretches,, our little guy stretches all the time.. here is a video for comparison:
  2. #SirThumpsAlot

    Weird Urine Color

    So sorry to hear of your loss, I couldn't imagine losing such an adored part of the family...
  3. #SirThumpsAlot

    can rabbits get bored of lettuce?

    I will also say, if you put leafy greens next to a bell pepper the bell pepper always wins!
  4. #SirThumpsAlot

    can rabbits get bored of lettuce?

    Wow, in surprised our little guy loves romaine! We also give him, in small amounts, kale, spinach, and arugula, but always small amounts as these are high in calcium and can lead to urinary complications if fed in excess.. always watch for if their pee leaves a white residue...
  5. #SirThumpsAlot

    The food game

    Everyone, that is not the food game... this is the food game!
  6. #SirThumpsAlot

    Such adorable

    Yes, love the toilet paper roll trick, best way to upcycle! I make it harder for them by folding in the edges
  7. #SirThumpsAlot

    My Backyard Bunny

    Definitely need to keep them out of freezing temperatures🌡our little guy is a house rabbit but he too loves the cold! Here he is getting a face full of snow!
  8. #SirThumpsAlot

    Does yours do this?

    Yes! Bunny flops are the best! It is said that bunnies will flop and roll in front of each other to show how happy they are! And sometimes to show they are happier than the other bunny! Check out our bun in front of our fireplace.
  9. #SirThumpsAlot

    Rabbit loose poo

    Keep feeding your bun plenty of hay! Subsidize it's diet with a healthy amount of pellets and leafy greens! Our little guy loves bell pepper but this should be limited as it is considered a treat.
  10. #SirThumpsAlot


    Definitely sounds like a binky! That's what our little guy does when we bring out his playpen.
  11. #SirThumpsAlot

    Favorite Food

    Hi Everyone we like it when our little guy is excited for his food and eats with appreciation. I find there are only a couple foods that he gets excited for, realizing he can't just have treats all the time. What do you find to be your bunny's favorite food? So far ours loves Bell Peppers, all...
  12. #SirThumpsAlot

    Bullseye's 2nd Birthday!

    Happy B day! I love Bullseyes' coloring!
  13. #SirThumpsAlot


    Not sure about worldwide suppliers outside of Amazon, but he likes it when we fill paper towel or toilet paper rolls with hay and fold in the edges. I find he loves these and keeps him working for his food! Here is a quick how to for these cheap and sustainable chew toys:
  14. #SirThumpsAlot


    I love everyone's pics! Here is our little guy! Here he is messy up the tree skirt!
  15. #SirThumpsAlot

    Hey everyone! I just can’t get enough of bunny cuteness! Please share a picture of your bunny so people like me can see other bunny cuteness!!

    He sure is! he loves the wood chips! I get them on Amazon... here is a link
  16. #SirThumpsAlot

    2020 Indoor Cages... add your photo!

    We also don't close in our little guy, he has full roam of the house even when we're away. His hutch is plenty big for his size and gives him some nice space to have to himself out of reach of others. We got it on Amazon, the quality is good and holds up to most of his chewing habits, lol...
  17. #SirThumpsAlot

    rabbit changing color

    I our little guy changes color from grey to brown and back again when he is shedding. I would think yours may vary in color depending on where he is in his shedding schedule.