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  1. Nancy McClelland

    The food game

  2. Nancy McClelland

    The food game

    cheese omelet
  3. Nancy McClelland

    Goodbye Petey

    Good morning my sweet boy. Wondering if you still shed at the Bridge. Cosmo is in molt now, and like you, he looks like heck for a couple more weeks and likes to be brushed as much as you did. Doesn't seem like it could be 3 years already. Til next year, rest easy my big sweet boy.
  4. Nancy McClelland

    The food game

  5. Nancy McClelland

    My little Winslow is growing up so fast.

    If it is random poops, we have only had 2 of 50 rescues that used only their pan. We consider them "trained" if their urine was in a pan--the rest is the reason I bought a gigantic shop-vac.
  6. Nancy McClelland

    Male or female

    Second photo is female--rabbits will hump for dominance and not always for procreation.
  7. Nancy McClelland

    The best thing in the world

    I have a pair of pants I haven't worn in 10+ years--our very first bunny chewed holes in the legs--actually, she's been gone almost 13 years. Still gives me joy.
  8. Nancy McClelland

    Need update on Vet list for Las Vegas.

    Have old listing, 10+ years old and none are here any more, Cheapest we found was $350+ out of 2 that will do it--too high for our fixed income budget. Help!!!
  9. Nancy McClelland

    The food game

    French Onion Soup!
  10. Nancy McClelland

    The food game

  11. Nancy McClelland

    Goodbye Eclipse...

    Sorry to hear of Eclipse passing to the Rainbow Bridge--rest in peace and binky free.
  12. Nancy McClelland

    Any tips on bunny proofing?

    I used pine boards to box in everything
  13. Nancy McClelland

    Is it a good idea to rescue a meat rabbit?

    One of our best was a White NZ. When I was young, late stone age, my Dad got five NZ's to raise for eating. After a couple of weeks they were all pets and everyone passed of natural causes brought on by extreme age. Guess they were "meet" rabbits.
  14. Nancy McClelland

    Help! My bunny has such an attitude

    When we moved here from California, our Avatar bunny, Nikki, acted like a turd for almost 6 months till she finally went back to normal, for her anyway--they do hold a grudge, but I held veggies and treats!
  15. Nancy McClelland

    Rabbit circling me and buzzing?

    Cosmo was neutered 6 years ago and still does the circling and licks our legs when he's not circling.
  16. Nancy McClelland

    Rabbit circling me and buzzing?

    He's in love--hormonal.
  17. Nancy McClelland

    Cutest thing a bunny can possibly do!!!!

    We had a Checkered Giant that would get on your lap or back and fall asleep--so happy to know how much you are trusted.
  18. Nancy McClelland

    Goodbye my little honker

    6 years since you left us my big girl. The room seems empty without all your noises. Tempus Fugit!
  19. Nancy McClelland

    Goodbye Rex :(

    So sorry to hear of Rex"s passing--no matter how we strive, it still happens. All we can do is what you did--give him love and care. Rest in peace little man and binky free.
  20. Nancy McClelland

    Help! My girl is actually a boy!

    Give them 6 weeks after neuter before trying to bond. We had a pair of females and a pair of males come to us as bonded, so it's possible. We also have had some--females--that would fight with a rock so it was useless to try and bond and had to wear gloves or get bitten.