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  1. StellaBunny

    Goodbye My Love

    On Saturday I lost my baby girl, Stella. She was only two, and we never got to spay her. She apparently had a neurological disorder, and she had diarrhea and was flopping a ton. We rushed her to an emergency center as fast as possible, but in the end she was put down to stop her suffering. I...
  2. StellaBunny

    Help! Aggressive female needs to be picked up

    So my bunny Stella is aggressive and hates being picked up. I'm thinking about getting her spayed, but I might not have the money because the vet has to make an appointment to guess how pricey it would be. So I booked the appointment, and then realized that 1.) the appointment was the day after...
  3. StellaBunny

    Need a Rabbit-Savvy Vet In Massachusetts

    Hi guys!!! My rabbit Stella is super duper territorial, and vocal. I have money to get her spayed, but I don't know where to go. Any clues?
  4. StellaBunny

    Fed Up!!!

    Hi! I'm Stella. I am two, and a Netherland dwarf/lop cross. I am so fed up with my (human) grandparents!!! My momma wrote them a whole essay about me needing to live inside, because as of right now I live outdoors. Please do not give my momma hate. She loves me so very much, and just wants help...