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  1. Crysti

    Bunny peeing and pooping on bed

    So cute! I wish I had some advice, my little boy does the EXACT same thing! Always the top half, never the bottom, and usually when he's mid cuddle. He's around 8 mos, and I've been having trouble litter training in general. He just does not seem to like the litter pan I have for him... I have...
  2. Crysti

    Safe Spot on Flea Treatment?

    I found out the hard way that the flea treatment I was using for my dogs wasn't working... :mad: I switched their spot on treatment and now they're all clear, but my poor little indoor bunny must've picked them up while the dogs still had them. What spot on treatment can I use for him? He's a...
  3. Crysti

    BEW Breeding

    My long term goal is to have a BEW project, so I'm trying to learn all I can now. I know that shaded/chocolate/lilac should never be breeded into a BEW line. But what if let's say, a black bunny with chocolate somewhere in it's history gets breeded in? Does that also cause the ruby cast or have...
  4. Crysti

    Picking Holland Lops for Breeding

    It's honestly a mixture of social anxiety and unpredictable chronic illness flare ups. I'm (hopefully) attending a show in September and seeing how it goes, maybe it'll change my mind. But thank you for your advice! I'm taking a look at a broken black tort doe this weekend, so fingers crossed.
  5. Crysti

    Picking Holland Lops for Breeding

    I want to breed to show quality standards/the highest standards I can as I want to better the breed, but I don't enjoy showing myself. I mainly just love the breed, and I want to create a line with beautiful lops in the more unique colors. I want a project I can work on and I have an abundance...
  6. Crysti

    Picking Holland Lops for Breeding

    So I'm starting out breeding Holland Lops. I've done masses of research, grew up around lops and have a pet lop of my own, my mother bred briefly, etc... Long story short, I'm ready to begin but there's one thing I haven't found much info on and I'm looking for advice. With all I've read and...
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