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    Conflicting info on Baytril shelf life - need to know!

    I have Baytril that's three years old. It's got a yellowish tint to it, but I can't tell how 'clear' it is due to the container its in. I mention that because of some post someone made about it getting old and becoming 'cloudy'. A vet told me it was okay to use it, through their receptionist...
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    Rabbits acting scared, paranoid, anxious some evenings.

    They generally don't like the smell of food we cook, and there are certainly things I could point to if this was a one time thing, but it is instead an occasional freak out that I can't really see commonalities between them.
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    Rabbits acting scared, paranoid, anxious some evenings.

    Hoping others have seen this, because it's freaking me out. Have 2 rabbits. One sometimes just starts thumping and acting scared, like something is after it. Even looking in a certain direction like it sees something that isn't there. The other just gets scared of me and my gf, not letting us...
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    Bunny proofing without it looking tacky?

    There really is only so much you can do, and mine are such troublemakers I really can't let them run around unsupervised for more than a few minutes. If you can't spend all that much time with them, try to give them a space that's large where you won't mind it looking tacky, imo.
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    2019 Cages - add your photo!

    Hi all, first time posting here, though the forums have been a great resource for info. I put a lot of work into my bunny domains for my two rabbits, Theodore and Snuggles, so I will take any chance I can to show them off. First is where they spend the majority of their time (often by choice)...
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