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    Bites till I bleed

    Sorry for not checking earlier. If your rabbit is an English Spot then it could either be genetic (some lines are more high strung than others) or she could be bored. English Spots are running rabbits and you may need to find something to keep her attention so she doesn't go to you for playing...
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    How do I care for a disabled bunny?

    The baby seems to be doing well, still giving it goat's milk and planning on getting it some probiotics to mix in.
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    How do I care for a disabled bunny?

    As a breeder and a disabled rabbit owner (One blind to a genetic disorder, one possibly two who will have hearing problems) I've run into a little bit of a pickle. My sister's rhinelander had a litter several days ago, in that litter one baby was born with no ear holes, and another was born with...
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    Bites till I bleed

    It could be a display in dominance, or perhaps some sort of other issue that makes her think your hands are okay to attack. I'd try wearing gardening gloves when handling her, and offering her treats to help her associate your hands with good things. If you have a really good rabbit vet near you...
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    Male with dewlap?

    Some breeds though will DQ for Dewlaps on the males (for examples the Rhinelander standard says a small dew lap is permissible on the does, but not for the bucks.) Most of the time when I see dew laps on bucks its flemish giants and Californians.
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    Rabbit Litter

    For odor control I use horse stall freshener pellets. They break apart when hit with urine and are biodegradable. We put them ontop of newspaper in trays.
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    8 gorgeous babies and a lost litter...

    They were alive the day before, moving and everything. So we're pretty sure they became seperated and the night killed them. I also realized I miss counted my lilac litter, seven healthy babies not eight (they are moving around a bunch, so I can see how I made a mistake in my counting.) Their...
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    8 gorgeous babies and a lost litter...

    :stork:Well I finally got a litter out of my doe Honeycomb. She's taking mother hood very well, maintaining condition, feeding them, keeping them warm, and all while wanting me to snuggle her :love: . Too bad it makes it more difficult to get in and see the babies, she hops in the box and begins...
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    My rabbit has only ever liked me?

    Just like other animals, rabbits can have very specific people preferences. Some rabbits do well with everyone, some only with people of certain demeanor, and some are pretty much a one person type rabbit. I've had three such rabbits, a mini rex, a mini lop, and a lilac, who dealt differently...
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    Male with dewlap?

    Some breeds can end up with bucks having dewlaps. Basicly the heavier the breed the more likely the males will develop a dewlap, and if the does are penalized for having large dewlaps the bucks won't develop them. I've had lilac bucks develop small dewlaps and some who don't get dewlaps at all.
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    Keeping littermates together

    The only experience I have is when just weaning babies, and keeping does together intact. Does are hit and miss and I typically seperated them before six months, while the litters were kept together for around 2-2 1/2 months with no issue to lessen the stress of weaning.
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    Bonded but Separated by a Gate

    If you are insisting on breeding them please make sure they are the same breed, or two breeds which are already being bred to create a new breed in the country you are from, and even if you don't intend to show take them to a show and see how they place before making any breeding decisions. As...
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    Two female buns

    You can help her deal with the lonliness by setting up a radio in your room on low, as well as give her more toys to play with when you aren't around.
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    Starting a Rabbitry

    Depending on the op's situation two breeds may be better or more reasonable than one. I am far from mastering lilacs, but when I started I did lilacs and mini rex, and the things I learned raising both breeds have helped as my sister has added another breed to our rabbitry (even after I got it...
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    Starting a Rabbitry

    Then the first thing you need to do is decide how much cage space you want to dedicate to each breed, and figure out what system you will use to get rid of rabbits who are not show quality. Rabbit quality and health should come first when deciding what rabbits to keep. If you don't feel...
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    Albino info?

    I noticed it mostly with mini rex rabbits, as for californias and himilayans aren't their legs black on the pads of their feet?
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    Rabbitry Name

    Perhaps hot and cold rabbitry?
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    Do my rabbits qualify for showing?

    Huh, I thought I had seen in the first issue of Domestic Rabbits 2015 the use of the abbreviation of COV.
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    Starting a Rabbitry

    Hey Amelia1star, three rabbits are enough to start a rabbitry. Of course depending on how competitive you want to be you should probably look at investing in more rabbits and keeping some of the better rabbits from your litters. You should have an idea as to what breeds you want to focus on and...
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    Nipping Rabbit

    It probably indicates he's upset with you leaving and not petting him. Is this new behavior? Is he neutered? This is the kind of behavior I'd expect from a doe who wants to be bred. Do you have any idea what breed he may be? That could also factor into the nipping (some breeds are a bit more...