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  1. Deliciosa

    Some questions about urine scald

    Hi all. For the past 4 or so months Mimi has required a lot more maintenance as she has a urine scald that isn't really improving. She is older now and has always peed wherever she lies down - even with bedding change every day she has a bad habit of peeing and just sitting in it. Her...
  2. Deliciosa

    Mimi is eating her newspaper bedding!

    I haven't seen her doing this until a couple days ago. She seems to be chewing on them and letting most of it fall out of her mouth, so I don't know how much she's actually ingesting. It's bedding made of recycled newspaper in little pellets. I suppose I should find a new type of bedding for...
  3. Deliciosa

    Odin, Warrior Cat

    On June 15th, the toughest cat I've ever known went to the Rainbow Bridge. He lived most of his life as a stray, spent some time in a women's shelter, and eventually ended up with us. He literally walked into our lives two years ago when my boyfriend walked into the kitchen to find a strange...
  4. Deliciosa

    Reoccurring bouts of gas and tummy sickness

    Vet has no idea what it is, so maybe someone here can offer a likely explanation? Since February, poor Mimi has been suffering from occasional bouts of bad gas. Her appetite will go down, her tummy makes gurgling noises, and she's pressing her gut down to the floor while being lethargic...
  5. Deliciosa

    Does anybody else have a spayed female bunny who likes to hump arms?

    :foreheadsmack: At certain times of the year, Mimi will do this strange thing where she will latch on to anybody's arm and attempt to hump it very... improperly. Either it's purely a dominance thing or I have a very eccentric bun on my hands.
  6. Deliciosa

    Tummy gurgling?

    For at least 24 hours I've heard Mimi's stomach grumbling quite audibly. She is eating albeit less than usual. Less frequent poops. Is it vet time ASAP? I can probably take her in tomorrow if I get a cab. I hope she's okay :tears2:
  7. Deliciosa

    Sneezing while shedding?

    Mimi's been shedding quite a bit lately, as she does during this time of year - I'm able to brush a sizable clump of white fluff out of her coat every day. But with this shedding, she's also sneezing quite a bit! I think it's a combination of a slight allergy to the dust in the hay and the fur...
  8. Deliciosa

    October Rabbit Festival 2012

    Saturday, October 6th 12-4 PM WISE Hall, 1882 Adanac St., Vancouver Anybody else planning on attending?
  9. Deliciosa

    blood spotting?

    Mimi just peed on a towel I put down for her, and it seems like there are drops of blood on the spot that she peed. I pressed tissue down to make sure it wasn't an older stain, and it seems like fresh blood. I'm incredibly worried, especially because if I need to get her to a vet ASAP I have...
  10. Deliciosa

    need a vet for Mimi who just turned 5!

    miss Mimi is not sick, in fact she seems very happy and healthy, and does lots of binkies now! but since she's just turned 5 I wanted to take her in for a check-up just to make sure she is as healthy as she seems. I live in New West and I've had bad experiences with taking her to a random vet...
  11. Deliciosa

    Regular poop eating

    I was just wondering if it is normal bunny behavior to be eating regular poops as well as cecal poops? Mimi will often eat her regular droppings after she left them on my floor. Maybe she's trying to clean up after herself :P
  12. Deliciosa

    weird and completely random squeaking noise

    Long time no post :) Every once in awhile I have noticed Mimi will be sitting in her cage, seemingly just lying down and relaxing, and then out of nowhere - a weird squeak! It sounds like a rabbit hiccup. It's not a scream... I've heard a bunny scream before and this sounds completely...
  13. Deliciosa

    Bunny mosquito bite?

    I was looking at Mimi's feet, and on her heel there is a mosquito-bite sized red bump. There isn't any fur on it, and it looks exactly like a mosquito bite on a human. I have gotten about four bites already in my house this summer, is it possible that she could have gotten one or is it...
  14. Deliciosa

    Hay seems to make her sneeze uncontrollably

    I really do not know what to do about this. A long time ago, I stopped giving Mimi hay because it seemed to make her sneeze more. I have since allowed her to have hay again because of her being so skinny, she needs something to snack on... I want her to have it because it's good for her, but it...
  15. Deliciosa

    random stress sounds or purrs? should I be concerned?

    being nocturnal Mimi is usually quite lazy during the day, she often lies flattened out on her tummy either on the ground in front of her hutch or in her hutch. Throughout today, while she's been resting, she's made random teeth chatterings (I have not been petting her during these times). She...
  16. Deliciosa

    Can I feed my bunny organic quick oats?

    I know someone said I could feed her steel cut oats to help her gain some weight, but all I have is organic quick oats... they're not the kind that come in little packages with sugar and weird flavoring + preservatives, it's this kind:
  17. Deliciosa

    It seems like Mimi is mad at me, or doesn't like me anymore?

    She is eating and drinking fine still, and is on the road to recovery as far as I can see, but it's like all the car trips and the force-feeding of her medicine made her dislike me :tears2: She will no longer come when I call her, even if I ask her really nicely. And she never gives kisses...
  18. Deliciosa

    My bunny is really sick, her legs are eroded to the bone.

    Hi, my name is Emily. My bunny is four years old, she's a netherland dwarf. The past couple days I had noticed she would occasionally stumble and fall down, which worried me. She didn't seem to be in pain so I vouched to keep her off her legs and take her to the vet if the limping got worse...