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  1. trisho

    Female buns fighting!

    Hi all, So just a couple weeks ago, my 2 3-month old bunnies got into a sort of fight, tumbling and crashing into their cage, they’re toys and the walls. I’ve never seen it happen before so I was a little shocked and didn’t know what to do— I panicked and took one of them out of their enclosure...
  2. trisho

    Ellie runs away ?

    So.. over the past month, my bunnies and I have def gotten closer. Whenever I walk up to their enclosure, they gather to the wall closest to me and will gladly let me pet them. They've also started running to me when I crinkle their treats bag and will climb all over me when I lay on the ground...
  3. trisho

    !HELP! bunnies no longer want hay

    Hi all! So one day, while I was out for the evening, my bunnies had managed to hop up to the top of their cage, where I had their food (treats, pellets, hay) stored and helped themselves to the pellets. It’s totally my fault for storing the food somewhere accessible to them but I didn’t...
  4. trisho

    will my Lionhead/Holland Lops' ears flop ?!

    Good evening! I just recently got 2 baby girls; 3/4 lionhead 1/4 holland lop. They're both sisters, born on July 19th 2020! I found a post online to have them rehomed and I immediately went and got them.. I've had these girls for about a week now, and they're currently going on their 10th...