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  1. bengal77

    Lily Pad

    Lily was hard to lose, because it was illness instead of old age. I woke up throughout the night for feedings and syringing fluids to find that she had passed. She was a lovely, happy little rescue bun, who had been an Easter cast off who got a second chance. She loved her hay and was a regular...
  2. bengal77

    GI Stasis, possible Upper Respiratory Infection

    Lily has been sick for about 6 days now. It started last Tuesday when I noticed that she hadn't touched her hay throughout the night. I thought it was a fluke, until she continued to stop eating her hay and her poops dwindled in size. By Wednesday night she was in a poor way, barely drinking or...
  3. bengal77

    Question about litter

    Currently I am using Yesterday's News. I like it a lot, but since I change the litter everyday Lily goes through 1-1 1/2 bags a month. That adds up, so I'm looking around for a cheaper alternative. Since everyone keeps talking about horse bedding I decided to stop in at a local feed shop and buy...
  4. bengal77

    Squee! Oregon zoo hs baby pygmy bunnies (video)

    They are just so tiny and adorable! I wonder how big they get. The ones in the photos are babies and are smaller than your hand.
  5. bengal77

    Post-op Spay, pain medication question

    Lily was spayed on Monday at noon. When we picked her up from the vet we were given a bottle of Metacam and told to administer a 0.4 CC dose every morning for 3-4 days. The first night Lily seemed to be in a lot of pain (wouldn't drink any water, wouldn't eat pellets, I got her to eat a little...
  6. bengal77

    How do I encourage her to drink water post-op?

    Lily was spayed yesterday (Monday) at noon. She is about a year old and she is a mixed breed but I suspect that she is a lop/Himalayan mix. She weighs 4 pounds and 7 ounces. She came home at 4 and after a few minutes of talking to her I encouraged her to eat. I started with her coveted treat...
  7. bengal77

    The lily pad

    Date: Thursday January 28th, 2010 It has been almost two weeks now since Lily joined our family. Lily is a sable point small lop mix who I rescued from a local rabbit rescue. She loves to eat parsley, mint, and hay. She absolutely loves apple, banana, and dried cranberries and will sit in my...
  8. bengal77

    Peeing in hay bungalow

    I apologize if I am posting this in the wrong forum. I wasn't sure where to put it. I was cleaning Lily's cage today and noticed that she has peed in her hay bungalow. I wiped up the floor and left it in her cage (she got upset and started thumping when I tried to take it out). The urine has...
  9. bengal77

    What breed is my bunny?

    Hello everyone, this is Lily. I adopted her from a wonderful local rabbit rescue. Her foster mom was unsure of her breed and age although the vet says that she is full grown. They estimate that she is about a year old based on her teeth and overall condition. (I think that she was probably an...
  10. bengal77

    Flooring ideas for cube cages

    I made a 2x3x2 cube cage for my new bunny Lily. Initially I had bought adhesive vinyl tiles to stick into the bottom of the cage. I tried putting them directly on the wire but couldn't get them to stick. I had also bought computer chair pads (the plastic with the nubs on one side to sink into...
  11. bengal77

    Newbie with some general questions

    Hello everyone. I'm new to rabbits as pets and I'm doing some research before I decide whether or not to get one (if I do it will be a rescue from the local shelter and will be spayed/neutered)t. I've read up on general rabbit care on a bunch of websites and have looked over some of the threads...