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  1. LucyTheBunny

    Biting Bars?

    Hi guys! so my indoor Holland Lop doe Lucy is biting the bars on her cage a lot. She gets time outside of her cage for a few hours a day, chew toys, a large house with more then enough space, food and water but shes still biting the bars! Ive tried spraying her with some water when i find her...
  2. LucyTheBunny

    Boys and girls?

    So theres this Lionhead in my area that has been up on craigslist for a while. He is a neutered male. I was wondering if it's okay to keep a neutered buck with an unaltered doe? Will she hurt him? I would like to rescue this bunny but I don't know if he would get along with Lucy if he won't then...
  3. LucyTheBunny

    Dogs and Rabbits

    Any tips on having dogs and rabbits together? We have 2 dogs, a senior rat-terrier male named Scout and a 4 year old malti-poo-terrier mix named Daisy. And of course my indoor Holland Lop Lucy. I want to free roam Lucy in my room but the problem is Diasy. Daisy is my baby and follows me...