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  1. gelliebean

    Should I throw this hay out?

    I think they did mean it was from last year. How can I tell if it's mouldy? I feel like it has a bit of an odour.
  2. gelliebean

    Should I throw this hay out?

    I ordered hay to be delivered to my house. It was mentioned to me that it was an older harvest and therefore a discounted price, I always received very nice hay from these people so I didn't think too much of it. The hay is very yellow and doesn't have a sweet smell. It doesn't smell like much...
  3. gelliebean

    I know it's healthy and good for her, but why does my rabbit eat 4x her size in hay?

    I have a very tiny rabbit. She was 3.5lbs her last vet appointment but since then I think she's gotten fatter (which is a good thing because she was a skinny feral). I heard that rabbits typically eat their size in hay per day. My rabbit eats probably 4x or 5x her size in her. In the morning I...
  4. gelliebean

    Where did you adopt your rabbit from?

    I was going out to eat lunch with a coworker. As I stepped out of the car, I noticed a little black ball in the small green space in front of the restaurant. I went over to inspect it and suddenly I had the cutest bunny I had ever seen sitting at my feet. She was young, vet said 3 months when I...
  5. gelliebean

    Why has my rabbit started to dig through her litter box? And other destructive behaviour

    Yes, she is spayed. Just awful because my entire room is covered in x-pens to block her from chewing up cords. Do you have extra advice for protecting cords? I'm going to start taping them up to minimize how much is hanging around but they can't be protected if she's chewing the plastic covers...
  6. gelliebean

    Why has my rabbit started to dig through her litter box? And other destructive behaviour

    My rabbit Momo, in the last week, has started to dig all the contents of her litter box onto the floor. I don't mind the hay, since hay gets everywhere anyways, but it's not fun to be cleaning up urine soaked paper bedding and wood pellets everyday. It's also important to note that she has a...
  7. gelliebean

    Baby rabbit care - How many people are able to handle the babies?

    We are starting a rescue for feral rabbits. We know we will be taking in a lot of pregnant bunnies. Because we have volunteers coming by to care for the rabbits, I don't think it would be a good idea for all of them to handle the babies. We are being advised by other rescues, but because they...
  8. gelliebean

    What is the maximum age gap for trying to bond two rabbits?

    Doing some serious convincing to my mom to allow me to get a companion for Momo. She is estimated around 8-9 months now. What do you think is an appropriate age for a companion for her? All of the ones at the shelter right now are all under six months.
  9. gelliebean

    My rabbit started licking my stuffed animals

    I have a couple of sentimental stuffies on my bed. The other night I noticed that Momo licks the stuffies. Because of this, I decided to leave the ones she liked in her area. Does this mean she's lonely? I have chatted with my mom about getting another rabbit friend for her. She's not quite on...
  10. gelliebean

    change in dominance?

    Luna also probably feels more comfortable inside than outside. I think two months is appropriate for rabbits adjusting to their new surroundings.
  11. gelliebean

    change in dominance?

    I'm no expert but doing some research this is my best guess. If Luna is less confident in bright areas then this might be why you thought she was more submissive. If it only happens at night it probably means that Luna's confidence has grown and she's wanting to challenge Willow's position as...
  12. gelliebean

    How much greens to feed

    Many sources I've seen said one cup per two pounds. My rabbit is around 3.5 pounds but she's underweight so I feed her 2 cups.
  13. gelliebean

    Bonded Bunny pass on

    There is a stuffie on amazon that is heated and when you feel it it has a heart beat. You could probably buy this stuffie and rub Mochi's scent on it.. I'm so sorry for your dear Mochi. You and Ptor must be very sad. I'm sure she was a sweetheart!
  14. gelliebean

    Need a guide to care for newborn rabbits

    Starting a feral rabbit rescue, almost all of the females will probably be pregnant. I have not had any personal experience caring for newborn kits and just looking for any sources to help develop my research before we start capturing.
  15. gelliebean

    Update on Momo's lung infection

    I am so thrilled! Momo had her check up last night and things went great. The doctor said that everything seemed fine from her physical exam, but I opted to have her x-rays taken again to be sure. She's completely better and there's no more mucus in her lungs like before. Her lungs look much...
  16. gelliebean

    What is a good rabbit pellet you can buy in bulk?

    She's told me! Such a lovely woman, it's great to be in contact with her. Thank you, I will check them out.
  17. gelliebean

    How can I get my rabbit to stop wasting so much hay?

    She is definitely underweight. You can feel her scapula and hip bones (feels like just a thin layer of skin on top). She was underweight when I rescued her as a feral and she is still young, 7 almost 8 months (estimated) so once she is finished growing to her adult size she might fill out a bit...
  18. gelliebean

    How can I get my rabbit to stop wasting so much hay?

    Still boney and still underweight. The vet said last time that her GI tract is moving nicely and everything there is healthy so as long as she is eating regularly she doesn't mind her being a bit thin, much better than being obese.
  19. gelliebean

    What is a good rabbit pellet you can buy in bulk?

    The rescue is to actually minimize their population. The rabbits will be moved into predator-proof housing and will be sterilized. Solving all of the problems they bring as an invasive species. I am leading the expansion of Rabbitats (based in British Columbia) to move to Alberta. They have many...
  20. gelliebean

    Is 'small pet select' hay really worth it?

    The only reason I wanted to buy SPS is because they are the only brand I see that offers first, second, and third cut. I wanted third cut for my rabbit because it's supposed to help them gain weight. She also tends to switch her preferences for stalky or soft hay. Loved her second cut timothy...