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  1. Out of this world bunnies

    how do i track my rabbits ear tattoo?

    my french lop has a tattoo in her ear and i was wondering if i could track her tattoo and see what comes up! but i can't figure out how to do it.
  2. Out of this world bunnies

    I need help figured out what my rabbit passed away from

    before i start please bare in mind i am still grieving 6 months later and am suffering extreme trauma after watching him die. on January 2nd my NZ rabbit comet started acting funny, when i opened his hutch to feed him i saw his entire top tray was filled with orange urine. I immediately started...
  3. Out of this world bunnies

    Need help with weight loss and paralisis

    My 3 year old french lop Venus has been losing weight for several months and about a month ago one of her legs stopped working. i feed her a proper amount, she always has access to water, and she has a pen around her cage that i let her out in for most of the day to graze, but she is so skinny i...
  4. Out of this world bunnies

    Where can i advertise my bunnies for sale with no ad fee?

    i have a litter of 4 mini rex babies ready for their homes, i was using facebook to sell on but they changed it to where you cant :/ and craigslist has a fee. any ideas?
  5. Out of this world bunnies

    baby bunny boogers

    in my newest mini rex litter, i have a REW baby. and i noticed this morning she/he had two litter black crusties on each side of her/his nose i immediately picked them out. is it normal to have those or should i get the litter or just him/her checked out?
  6. Out of this world bunnies

    My 1 year bunniversary!

    i have had bunnies for 1 year today! on this day i got Comet (whom i still have today! he is my profile photo) and Luna (she sadly passed weeks after i got her) i remember the moment i sat her in my lap i was so happy, i miss her so much! you could hold her on her back and she loved it! and...
  7. Out of this world bunnies

    Trying to free roam my bunny

    So my bunny Nebula is my inside rabbit (1 of 4 rabbits) i want to free roam her in my room! but i need to figure out how to bunny proof currently i have: cut cardboard and put it around the rim of my bed so she can't go under it, i also put cardboard over an area with alot of cords and am trying...
  8. Out of this world bunnies

    breeding buck issues

    my buck Comet (see my profile picture) is the one having issues, i put him in a cage with one of my does Venus and she wasn't cooporating at all (but thats normal for my does) so i was trying to get her to keep her tail up. And Comet was breathing really heavily and started having a runny nose...
  9. Out of this world bunnies

    Bunny with nasty ear mites

    so one of my bunnies Atlas has earmites i had been treating them but not enough i thought i only had to do it like once a month but, i was so wrong they got terrible and yesterday we spent a long time cleaning his ears trying to get them out after my mom read it can hurt really bad and they will...
  10. Out of this world bunnies

    Large Cages and not active bunnies

    So i am currently saving up to get all of my bunnies better cages, and i have one picked out for my inside bunny let me include the...
  11. Out of this world bunnies

    Albino Baby

    So yesterday i discovered one of my bunnies is albino as it opened its eyes for the first time and they were ruby red and it is an all-white bunny, i want to know is there any precautions i need to do so it can live the fulliest of life with impaired vision if it helps the breed is Mini-rex and...
  12. Out of this world bunnies

    Solo Baby

    Hello my bunny Nebula had her second litter yesterday there was three born but only one survived I am confused on some things, the surviving baby is PINK which doesn't that mean it will be white? cause in Nebula's previous litter their skin was BLACK and GREY and they ended up being those...
  13. Out of this world bunnies

    My Doe kept rolling over

    I was breeding my buck and my doe and during breeding she kept rolling over...? and exposing her belly to him what does these mean? was she trying to neuter him? idk so help me please!
  14. Out of this world bunnies

    Severe weather and bunnies

    So i myself have four rabbits, 3 outside 1 inside cause of reasons of that one female but i live in a very tornado active state and i have ZERO clue on what to do with my bunnies in case of a storm! When i only had two i brought them in my tornado shelter with me and would do it again if i...
  15. Out of this world bunnies

    My Doe has a stick tail! :(

    I just got a french lop doe from craigslist and when talking to the person selling her he mentioned nothing of this he just said things like "She is pedigreed and showable" which are both true but when i got he he said the same things talking about where he got her and stuff and when i got home...
  16. Out of this world bunnies

    Breeding tips? and litter boxes

    My mini rex doe is about to give up her current litter on Nov 1st, i have some questions. When should i breed her again? i want to get 2 litters in before next year and she is an inside rabbit so it wouldn't be too cold for the babies, what can i use for bedding in a nesting box? also does...
  17. Out of this world bunnies

    Wanting a breed to breed for pets with my NZ buck

    When i was new to rabbits i got a Red NZ buck who i have named Comet (he is my profile) i love him very much and got my female to breed with him, they said she was a chinchilla i assumed the breed. I was wrong she is a tiny mini rex who i have now got a Chinchilla/Rex buck to breed with her but...
  18. Out of this world bunnies

    Sudden death in rabbits

    my French lop/Cali mix doe recently passed of unknown causes it was early morning and it wasn’t hot I was going out to feed her and my NZ buck and I see her dead still locked up in her cage all the locks were secure and she had blood all over her muzzle and her head was in a puddle of blood. I...
  19. Out of this world bunnies

    My rabbit is acting weird! PLEASE HELP

    My male NZ rabbit has a runny nose and when i went outside to check on him he was laying down and his heartbeat was as rapid as a machine gun it is slowing down now and his runny nose has stopped any advice?
  20. Out of this world bunnies

    It is my rabbits due date where are her babies???

    My rabbit is having her babies today i excpected to go out there this morning and she would have had them in the night? Should i be worried??