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  1. bengal77

    Lily Pad

    Lily was hard to lose, because it was illness instead of old age. I woke up throughout the night for feedings and syringing fluids to find that she had passed. She was a lovely, happy little rescue bun, who had been an Easter cast off who got a second chance. She loved her hay and was a regular...
  2. bengal77

    GI Stasis, possible Upper Respiratory Infection

    She has always been free fed hay, but refuses to eat it right now and has barely eaten any in a week now. I have no idea how to encourage her to eat her hay, but I'll stop the veggies and fruit and just stick to fluids until I can get her on the critical care.
  3. bengal77

    GI Stasis, possible Upper Respiratory Infection

    I believe the urgent care vet prescribed Baytril, .4C given orally twice a day for a week. She finished the course yesterday morning. What worried me is that she was still eating and drinking on her own, then stopped quite suddenly and starting showing head tilt and began grinding her teeth. I...
  4. bengal77

    GI Stasis, possible Upper Respiratory Infection

    Lily was doing much better with the course of antibiotics, but now has taken a severe turn for the worse. She is now refusing to eat or drink on her own at all, and has developed a case of head tilt. She barely moves, and has not eaten any hay in over a week now. I'm going to be taking her back...
  5. bengal77

    GI Stasis, possible Upper Respiratory Infection

    Also: Lily is a three year old spayed female, mixed short hair (Himalayan mix?). She normally eats 2 tsp of Oxbow pellets a day, 1 cup mixed lettuce/herbs, and is free fed timothy hay.
  6. bengal77

    GI Stasis, possible Upper Respiratory Infection

    Lily has been sick for about 6 days now. It started last Tuesday when I noticed that she hadn't touched her hay throughout the night. I thought it was a fluke, until she continued to stop eating her hay and her poops dwindled in size. By Wednesday night she was in a poor way, barely drinking or...
  7. bengal77

    Running away?

    Lily goes through phases of loving being petted and not wanting to be touched. I guess rabbits have moods just like humans! I find that it helps a lot of I train her to like petting by catching her attention with a piece of fruit, petting her for a bit, then rewarding her and petting her a...
  8. bengal77

    Hay Toy

    Have you tried sticking a few pieces of veggies/herbs in it to get the bunny's attention? Lily never paid attention to a willow cube that I bought her until I stuck some lettuce and her favorite veggies in it. Then it lasted all of about 10 hours before it was completely demolished and I needed...
  9. bengal77

    Rabbits and Plush toys to groom?

    I've heard about this but my Lily doesn't seem interested in any of the plushies I've given her. Right now she has an adorable stuffed carrot toy that I picked up at PetsMart but she doesn't pay much attention to it.
  10. bengal77

    The lily pad

    I've gone through my computer files and found more photos of Lily. She's really quite adorable and I love taking pics of her. Yesterday was her 6 month check up after her spay surgery. Thanks to everyone in the house wanting to feed her treats Lily has gained a little too much weight. Almost 5...
  11. bengal77

    The lily pad

    @slavetoabunny I adopted Lily from Carrots and Cottontails. They post their rabbits online under the group Suntree Viera. The rescue is run by a very lovely woman who pretty much runs the rabbit rescue out of her house. She has a few volunteers but as far as I know the rabbits all stay with her...
  12. bengal77

    Nurse Jackie

    bunnybunbunb wrote: If it's common where you live then your hospitals have a problem. I'm not saying that bad apples don't exist, but I think that Nurse Jackie gives people the wrong impression about nurses. My father is a doctor so I've known quite a few nurses in my lifetime and spent quite...
  13. bengal77

    New cage help?

    An NIC cage is the way to go if you want mutli levels. Just make sure that you buy a few 1" dowel rods to support the levels. I use two for my shelves for Lily, who is 4 pounds. You may want to use three just to be sure. I've also seen people use shelving brackets ziptied to the back of the cage...
  14. bengal77

    Gardening Time!

    I have a potted herb garden with basil, mint, flat leaf parsley, and curly leaf parsley. Lily loves it when I go pick her some fresh herbs!
  15. bengal77

    Nurse Jackie

    I loved season one but season two has been a bit boring/stupid IMO. I love love love Edie Falco for the role. I just wish that it were a little bit more realistic about what it's like to be a nurse. A show about a nurse abusing prescription drugs is a little in bad taste. At least with House it...
  16. bengal77

    So any of you hear your bunny...

    Does he have plenty of access to chew toys? I'm sure he does. But it could be his way of trying to file his teeth. If that isn't it then I have no idea what it is. But hopefully it isn't hurting him.
  17. bengal77

    Velveteen Lop Babies!!

    Too adorable!
  18. bengal77

    MIni Rex babies

    *Melts into a puddle of rainbow goo from the cute overload*
  19. bengal77

    Going to a hay supplier - Tips?

    Congrats. I saw the post on Facebook. I hope the buns and piggies enjoy it!
  20. bengal77

    What kind of a mix bun do you think Penny is?

    I don't know but her one little sock is just absolutely adorable.