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  1. Deliciosa

    my special rabbit Dobby (pic heavy) - RIP

    I regret to say that I wasn't familiar with Dobby until she passed away - but I can tell you that she didn't need any fur to be an adorable little bun. I'm sorry she went so soon, but please know you are an awesome person for adopting Dobby and loving her despite her abnormalities. I would have...
  2. Deliciosa

    Some questions about urine scald

    I'll ask the vet about the possibility of that on Friday. Mimi's had bloodwork done, an x-ray and full exams, nothing seemed amiss. Most of the time she spends lying down is in her box tunnel and I change the towel + newspaper underneath daily. The rest of her x-pen has towels that are changed...
  3. Deliciosa

    Taking Sammy to the vet- need good vibes sent!

    Glad to hear Sammy is improving. Best wishes for your bun's health in the future.
  4. Deliciosa

    Roger- Arrived 05-09-2008 - Died 22-08-2013

    Roger's story made me cry like a baby. It sounds like he was a beautiful bun with lots of personality and tons of love to give. I am so, so sorry for your loss but please remember you gave him his very best shot. Rest in peace, Roger. Binky free at the bridge. :rainbow:
  5. Deliciosa

    Bye bye Cleo

    Rest peacefully sweet Cleo. Eat lots of nip with your bud Kitty and have fun prowling the bridge.
  6. Deliciosa

    How heavy is your rabbit(s)?

    Mimi is tiny and weighs in at about 3 lbs.
  7. Deliciosa

    Some questions about urine scald

    Hi all. For the past 4 or so months Mimi has required a lot more maintenance as she has a urine scald that isn't really improving. She is older now and has always peed wherever she lies down - even with bedding change every day she has a bad habit of peeing and just sitting in it. Her...
  8. Deliciosa

    Peeing on sofa EVERYDAY

    When my girl was younger she would wait for me to turn my back before hopping onto the bed (it wasn't even low to the ground!) and having a pee. It was her absolute favorite place to do her business, probably because it smelled so much like me - maybe she wanted a big bed to herself. Now she's 6...
  9. Deliciosa

    Romeo's big day!

    I don't have any advice but best of luck to you and your little Romeo, I hope the neuter goes perfectly and don't worry yourself too much. Just try to make bunbun as comfortable as possible when he gets home. :)
  10. Deliciosa

    My two bucks kissing each other

    Aw, they're buddies. I think it just means that they're fond of each other, wouldn't worry if I were you.
  11. Deliciosa

    RabbitsOnline Decal Giveaway!

    Neat logo. I'd love a couple of these :> Nice work!
  12. Deliciosa

    Update: Operation Viva La Hopscotch!!!

    Yay Hopscotch! Thanks for giving him a forever home.
  13. Deliciosa

    Mimi is eating her newspaper bedding!

    Awesome! Thanks. :D
  14. Deliciosa

    Dwarf Delights

    Aw, bun and pup love each other. Very cute!
  15. Deliciosa


    Rest peacefully Korr. It sounds like he had a wonderful 8 years with you. Binky free :clover:
  16. Deliciosa

    New pics of the boys exploring the new playroom

    Such adorable little ones. I love their names! May they do many binkies in their new playroom.
  17. Deliciosa

    (RIP) In need of cecotropes!

    Rest in peace, Pop. I'm very sorry for your loss. :(
  18. Deliciosa

    Mimi is eating her newspaper bedding!

    I'm definitely going to try and find some Carefresh :) I worry about these newspaper pellets anyway as there will be occasional pieces of what looks like a melted down plastic, probably from a magazine. Don't want her eating that!
  19. Deliciosa

    Mimi is eating her newspaper bedding!

    She'll pee wherever hay is and gets grumpy if her hay isn't in her litterbox. The newspaper bedding is only in her litterbox in the corner. What would you suggest making a grate out of?
  20. Deliciosa

    Mimi is eating her newspaper bedding!

    I haven't seen her doing this until a couple days ago. She seems to be chewing on them and letting most of it fall out of her mouth, so I don't know how much she's actually ingesting. It's bedding made of recycled newspaper in little pellets. I suppose I should find a new type of bedding for...