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  1. officialxnikki

    My bunny doesn’t let me sleep:(

    No not yet she’s about 3 months right now I am planning on getting her fixed as soon as she’s old enough though! My male is fixed. I will have to try that Thank you! I’m glad to know i’m not the only one that’s went through this lol. I felt bad locking them up but I didn’t know they could adapt...
  2. officialxnikki

    My bunny doesn’t let me sleep:(

    No unfortunately not, they’re completely free roam but only in my room😕 I tried putting them in my closets that I keep their litter in its pretty big & using a baby gate and they just jumped over it😔 I will try to see if i can get a x pen tho thank you!
  3. officialxnikki

    Bunny care

    In my experience if i gave my bunnies unlimited pellets they would eat & finish all of it as fast as they could! lol i would recommend give unlimited hay & having your dad give him some pellets when he checks on him:)
  4. officialxnikki

    My bunny doesn’t let me sleep:(

    I’ve had my 2 bunnies for about 3 months now. They are 100% free roam. Everything been good until about 4 days ago. My female bunny does not let me sleep while i’m sleeping she gets in my face nips and digs at my head & hair while i’m sleeping. I am a very light sleeper and wake up everytime. I...