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  1. TrixieRabbit

    Halloween Hangman he's a real wiseguy!
  2. TrixieRabbit

    I'm in the chatroom and I am bored!

    I'm all alone. By myself. Just me and my shadow. <cricket,cricket> I think I just saw a tumbleweed drift by.....
  3. TrixieRabbit

    I am my DVR

    I think I am running out of shows to tape. I hardly ever watch live tv anymore, I just start watching 15 mins after the show starts and fast forward the commercials. Anyone else have a DVR? How AWESOME are they???!!!??!! As of right now, I DVR: Kid Nation Grey's Anatomy Desperate Housewives...
  4. TrixieRabbit

    Some pics of my baby girl

    Just thought I would shamelessly show off the little one. As you all know, I had to rehome Trixie across the US to Rosie (maherwoman) when I got pregnant due to lack of space and my husband's allergies. So here is the product of all that was the best thing for Trixie...
  5. TrixieRabbit

    Pic of my dog with my baby

    Just thought I'd share :)
  6. TrixieRabbit


    Dear Trixie Smooshy FacePrincess Booty-Baby, It seems like just yesterday we brought you home as a little ball ofblack and white fur! My how you have grown into such a beautiful youngbunny! We enjoyed every moment we spent with you, and even though wecouldn't stay together, mommy and daddy in...
  7. TrixieRabbit

    Timothy Hay cubes

    Hi guys! It was suggested by my vet to give Trixie timothy hay cubes instead ofloose hay to help alleviate some of my husband's allergies to hay. Iwas just curious where I can find them and how many to give Trixie eachday? Thanks! ~Denise
  8. TrixieRabbit

    REHOME: Long Island, NY (RESOLVED)

    Hey guys, Well, I have some bad news. DH and I have given it much considerationand have come to the conclusion that we need to find our little Trixiegirl a new home. We are not going to just "give her away" to a shelteror pound, but we need to find someone responsible and caring who willlove...
  9. TrixieRabbit

    Hello from Trixie and Denise

    Hi guys! Well, things have been really hectic lately since Trixie's spay....MyDH and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, theday before (a week ago today), I miscarried our 1st child 2 months intomy pregnancy. Very devastating, but I am feeling better every day. Finally...
  10. TrixieRabbit

    Trixie's spay went well

    Hey guys! Time for an update! Trixie was spayed yesterday afternoon. The vet saidher spay went well, but they found a little suprise in my girl'sbowels: PIN WORMS! BLECH! She was apparently infested with them and Inever even noticed! I felt so bad :(But Dr. Saver told me sheprobably had them...
  11. TrixieRabbit

    I think I have to get rid of Trixie :0(

    Hey guys, I am really upset. On one hand, I am happy because I just found out Iam pregnant. On the other hand, Trixie's cage is HUGE and in the 2ndbedroom, aka: the nursery. I live in a small condo and there is no where to put her cage! I don'twant to get rid of her, but DH does not want her...
  12. TrixieRabbit

    I think it's time to get Trixie "fixed"

    I think she's a little...umm...confused? LOLOL My little girl is all grown up....she has an appt with Dr. Saver on Sept 7th. My little poopsie is gonna be all sore! :cry2
  13. TrixieRabbit cute!

    I saw this on right on the front page. SO cute!
  14. TrixieRabbit

    Trixie is not eating her hay

    Hey guys! Ok, here's the story: about 6 days ago, Trix ran out of Timothy hay. So I bought her some Oxbow Orchard grass instead. She wouldn't eat it. So 2 days after that, I returned the Oxbow Orchard Grass and exchanged it for her regular Oxbox Timothy Hay. 4 days later, she STILL hasn't...
  15. TrixieRabbit

    Your adult bun's daily menu

    Need ideas on what to feed Trixie now that she is 6 mos old. It would help me to just read what every feeds their ADULT rabbits daily... Right now she is on unlimited timothy hay and Oxbox Bunny Basics 15/23 alfalfa-based pellets. I give her a sprig or 2 of parsley and cilantro every 2 weeks or...
  16. TrixieRabbit

    Slowing down...

    Did anyone else's bun "slow down" as they reached puberty? trix seems to binky a lot less than she used to. She used to run around like a maniac, but now all she wants is to be petted. As soon as I go near her cage, she grabs the bars of her cage door in her mouth and pushes and pulls and GROWLS...
  17. TrixieRabbit

    What happened to my neat and tidy bunny????

    Trix is a SLOB! Holy cow! Last week me and my hubby were away for our 1 yr wedding anniversary and left Trix with the rabbit vet to be boarded while we were away. When I came back and brought her home, I swear I brought home a different bunny! She went from peeing and pooping MOSTLY in her...
  18. TrixieRabbit

    I'm BAAA-ACK!

    Hi everyone! I just got back from a 1 week vacation in Baja, Mexico and didn't realize how long it's been since I have been on this site until tonight when I was on the floor petting Trixie...I missed you all! I have a LOT of posts to catch up on, but I just wanted to drop by real quick to say...
  19. TrixieRabbit

    Trixie is driving me CRAZY!

    GUYS.......I am SERIOUSLY going to threaten to make her into a stew if she doesn't calm down soon! (I keed, I keed!) My little girl has become FIXATED on chewing EVERYTHING in sight! It's all she does! She doesn't even binky anymore, it's: open cage, run out of cage, run to corner of bed thats...
  20. TrixieRabbit

    New Panasonic A Compaign: :Neuter Your Bunny"

    I read on this morning that Panasonic is coming out with its own line of batteries and it's ad campaign is focusing on the importance of neutering your bunny. I guess it's kind of a stab at the Energizer Bunny, the competition. Thought I would share the web site about their ad...