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  1. ladysown

    Two rescues needing homes.

    LionLop female rabbit. She's a bit wet since she arrived in the middle of a rain storm. She comes with a litter box. Broken chestnut in colour. Doesn't like coming out of her cage, accepted a nail trim well. Holland Lop Buck. Partially pedigreed. Nice young buck..super easy to...
  2. ladysown

    how to stop young rabbit nipping

    Situation: two nine week old bunnies. One male, one female. Female is being typical young bunny. Quiet, happy, busy, easygoing. young male. in home for one week. Nips when pick up his sister if he is grooming her. Nips when he wants the children to move out of his way. Children aged...
  3. ladysown

    Dumbo and Squirt

    Just for your viewing pleasure I present two wee babies, 12 days old. Holland lops. From the same litter. Shows the differences in them. The two small ones from a litter of six make me laugh. Dumbo and Squirt. Dumbo - eyes open day 10 as normal. his ears make me laugh. Squirt...
  4. ladysown

    Anyone want a neutered smallish buck? - Resolved

    anyways, he's about 2-3 lbs. smallish sort. don't know his breed. $20 to help ensure goes to new home. he is neutered, so that's something that doesn't need doing.
  5. ladysown

    Big Girlie Needs a home

    not sure on who she is. Basic history tells me went from one owner to another to rescue. She's a well tempered girl. Apparently around 9 months old.
  6. ladysown

    One NEUTERED polish boy to new home

    I have a small chocolate polish boy looking for a new home. He's a delightful fellow and well handled. Given up for reasons beyond the control of the original owner. He needs his own digs. Will add a photo when I have one. Located near London, Ontario.
  7. ladysown

    Ivermectin proper dosage discussion

    Did you know that the amount of Ivermectin in a "pea-sized amount" of standard apple-flavored Ivermectin horse wormer paste is approximately enough to treat a 50 to 100 lb. animal at the dosages recommended for rabbits? The recommended dosage for rabbits is generally 0.2 to 0.4 mg (200 to 400...
  8. ladysown

    Pictorial rabbit size chart

    Does anyone know where to find a pictorial representation of a rabbit sizes chart? I can find lists that have rabbits broken into general size categories, but I'm looking for a pictorial representation of that. Thanks for your helpfulness (if able to help). :)
  9. ladysown


    Sold a young bunny last Monday. Old enough to sell. Nice young thing, never had a moments issue with her. Sold her to a "soft" young man... meaning a young fellow 12 years old who's timid in nature and not sure on how to place limits on animals. I have never had a polish that nibbles on...
  10. ladysown

    Little girl the rescue to a new home!!

    I am so very happy. A family came tonight to see that rescue girlie I had. The one that came back so thin.... Rabbit aware household. Has had rabbits before. Are simply delighted with little girl, her name will be Oreo. They listened carefully to my instructions on continued care and...
  11. ladysown

    Feeling ANGRY so bear with me

    Took back a bunny today from sale. Bunny is four months old. Left her in excellent shape, in excellent temperament at 10 weeks of age. Sold to a responsible (so I thought) pet owner. It came back skin and bone. I am beyond angry about this. She KNEW how to feed a rabbit. She was...
  12. ladysown

    help me offer advice

    have a somewhat handicapped lady with a good support system buy a bunny from me in the summer. She is expecting perfect litter box habits and I advised her before purchase that such thing is not going to happen. Bunnies scent mark. She insisted that it could and very much wanted to buy...
  13. ladysown

    thought it was PETA Hype...perhaps not...

    you know how you hear about folks buying three week old bunnies? I've heard those stories, gone to the websites only to see what looks like 5-7 week old kits hopping around. So it makes a gal wonder about the PETA hype. Anyways, had someone call me up tonight wanting to buy three week old...
  14. ladysown

    Lionhead/lionlop bunnies

    So I'm one of those odd duck of breeders who not only breeds rabbits but also engages in some rabbit rescue. I heard about some folks with rabbits they needed gone so I went there. Found a kit with a badly broken leg that needed to be euthanize and three other kits. They...