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  1. Duckfarmer1

    Need adopted ASAP

    I tried with ups..they don’t ship mammals...which would mean a currier. And like above, I done know that they’d make it just due to the stress...but if you find a way..I have a spot for all of them!
  2. Duckfarmer1

    Why does Rabbits Online allow the discussion of rabbit breeding for meat?

    Hi...I am a hobby farmer and I have 32 rabbits among 70 other varieties. I do breed my bunnies..but for my enjoyment...I’ve only sold 2 and it was kind of...a joke....I mostly give them to friends, family, church members. When we started though, my husband did want to raise them for meat...I...
  3. Duckfarmer1

    Sally’s snubbing!?

    That’s pretty much what I was thinking..she’s 4 months..I don’t want to spay her this year because of her coloring...and temperament....I think I just need to be louder because I seem to startle her when she does it..she zoned!!:).
  4. Duckfarmer1

    Sally’s snubbing!?

    I have 32 bunnies because I am a hobby farmer ..I don’t make money off of them. Anyways, Last week I chose this sweet gal Sally to be my house bunny. From the start, before she came in..she would come over to my fingers right away in her cage...I would have her in this grass play area and when...
  5. Duckfarmer1

    Need adopted ASAP

    Well, I would guess UPS using airplane when they guarantee overnight delivery. I agree it’s not ideal..but if it’s truly the only option..I’m giving it.
  6. Duckfarmer1

    Need adopted ASAP

    I emailed you, I’m going to look it all up now.. I have never shipped live animals, so, I don’t know how to do it..but I’m on it!
  7. Duckfarmer1

    Is this a false pregnancy?

    Yes, thanks for saying that because I was very confused by the post... I ve had rabbits with false ones act the exact same way as pregnant don’t know until you see the babies...I’ve also had does star pulling fur and messing around with hay like 10 days before, so that’s not always the...
  8. Duckfarmer1

    Summer Sniffles for Fuzz

    Yeah, a lot of tough decisions, since she is one 32. I’m not a breeder. But I do dread bunnies to give away..and I have consider the vet bills, the 44 mile drive,one way,the meds, the extra time from 100 animals...all of this needs to be considered. I was told a bit ago that she would be on...
  9. Duckfarmer1

    Depression of my rabbit.

    Ok, I found the best site I’ve yet to see for breaking it down fo a lay person treat their pet...there is a small section about going to the vet..skip over at and everything else yourself....there is syringe feeding where you grind up the pellets and water twice and then some SF apple...
  10. Duckfarmer1

    Depression of my rabbit.

    Ok, right away, you need to get watery veggies into her..pushhay..get her moving, don’t other just sit still because the bowels aren’t moving. You need t go buy Simethicone drops..they are with the baby items in pharmacy..they will help relieve gas.if the kale it wet then it will be getting...
  11. Duckfarmer1

    How much banana and how often?

    As a farmer I can tell you from experience be careful with any kind of peels due to preservatives put on them now.... I have animals that used to eat everything and now turn their heads, in a bunnies sake..wash the peel
  12. Duckfarmer1

    How to get a rabbit to eat more hay

    First, my question is though..did the dr say..after the spay she needs to stay at 5 lbs...what breed is she? Why do you think she can’t be more than 5 lbs? Does she look obese? Does she have health issues?
  13. Duckfarmer1

    Summer Sniffles for Fuzz

    Is this contagious. I have 31 more rabbits..I hobby breed
  14. Duckfarmer1

    My rabbit is not using her hind legs

    I agree and then i have an answer
  15. Duckfarmer1

    Best guess bonding dynamics in this situation?

    Well that sounds like you know exactly what to do...the only thing I would do...that since it’s a trio. Maybe give her a chance to spend time with each of them one on one so they don’t do the bully thing...
  16. Duckfarmer1

    Summer Sniffles for Fuzz

    I was worried that this is I contact them?
  17. Duckfarmer1

    Summer Sniffles for Fuzz

    Hhmmm, geez, ok. I ran down and took pictures. Right now the pictures just show all the hair hardened and scratched around the tiny nostrils. But sometimes there is discharge. But worst on the left. It’s not in her lungs. Does it look like an irritation from dust I just don’t know
  18. Duckfarmer1

    Really silly question..

    Oh.. I planing to breed her..can I breed her for awhile and then spay. She’s so pretty with a great temperament
  19. Duckfarmer1

    Best guess bonding dynamics in this situation? for the getting’ll need to rely on someone else since my rabbits are not. I have 32. But..I have a hobby is a house bunny..but,..have several bonded bunnies living together..ok..with all that said... I would probably go with a doe. You are right the buck are...
  20. Duckfarmer1

    Something wrong w my rabbit’s nose?!

    Does it feel like a scab? It almost looks like he may have just rubbed it a bit on his bunny dox or rabbits love to rub themselves..and perhaps he was just a bit. Aggressive rubbing against his metal feeder? Just a doesn’t look major