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  1. Maki_p29

    Looking for white ear Holland Lops

    Also try you can search for that specific rabbit in your area or other places if you don’t mind traveling to see/meet your new furry friend.
  2. Maki_p29

    Help! My bunny has such an attitude

    I think your rabbit’s attitude changed when they grew up and became a adult. Getting the spay surgery should of helped a lot. how much time do you physically spend with your bunny? What is their behavior like after spending time with a family while you were sick?
  3. Maki_p29

    Vet says no veggies, only hay and pellets forever.

    If you give pellets make sure it’s food with pellets only and not a bunny food mix. I would say it depends on the rabbit as to if they could have fresh vegetables or not and depends on where you live and what is available too. For example my rabbit has a sensitive stomach (they get GI problems...
  4. Maki_p29

    Is a rabbit right for me?

    I second going to a rabbit rescue to choose a bunny! Also is a good online resource to adopt one. It helped me find my bunny and a local rabbit rescue online. In the description of the bunnies if it’s done by a rabbit rescue they usually will list details about each rabbit, their...
  5. Maki_p29

    Help I think my rabbit ate some treated willow basket

    Update: I spoke to my mom who happened to be watching my bunny while I had stepped away. They didn’t see my bunny go near the willow basket. I also inquired of the scratched willow basket and she let me know it came that way from a relative a few years ago. I’m very relieved. My bunny is still...
  6. Maki_p29

    Help I think my rabbit ate some treated willow basket

    I had gone out of the room for just one moment to come back and see my rabbit hanging out around a willow wicker basket in the room. They ran when I came closer. (Their Hay bag is also around this area of the room). But I noticed some bite marks on the willow wicker basket when I came close. My...
  7. Maki_p29

    Disabled Netherland dwarf rabbits

    Wow that sounds serious! Glad those bunnies have you to look after them. Eyes crusting shut sounds like a eye infection. I hope your able to find a vet that treats rabbits in your area. When I had a disabled bunny this website was helpful. I’ll post the link...
  8. Maki_p29

    hurt leg?

    Glad to hear the update and that precious Fizz is back to her usual self!! 🎉😍😍😍. it’s no fun when our fur babies/friends aren’t feeling well. We worry because we care about them. You’re a good bunny owner always looking out for your furry companions🥰🥰🥰🐰. And I believe they do look out for us...
  9. Maki_p29

    is my bunny likely to suffer from GI stasis?

    I agree with all the suggestions above. Also switch your bunny’s food to a pellet only brand. The bunny mix foods have so much in it that bunnies shouldn’t have in their diet. I believe that could add to GI issues being common. I would also give a less amount of food pellets and increase the...
  10. Maki_p29

    My mini lop of 6 weeks keeps on scratching his ear

    I would take them to the vet. I completely agree with what JBun said above.
  11. Maki_p29

    Bald patch under fur on bum

    Yea it looks like you may have brushed their fur a little too much. They shed this time of year so it probably would of came out eventually. I would monitor the area. It doesn’t seem to be irritated at the moment. New fur should start growing in soon. What type of brush do you use?
  12. Maki_p29

    Difficulty administering meds

    I usually have my bunny in my lap similar to what was mentioned in the link above. My bunny takes daily medicines but sometimes she gets really sassy and doesn’t want to take them. Be patient. Sometimes I talk to her while I’m giving the medicine and that helps. also try giving just a little...
  13. Maki_p29

    hurt leg?

    Love the picture of Fizz 😍!!! I understand and can empathize with you on some levels. My own bunny had a issue at the Vet and was injured by a Vet Tech. Things have been resolved and the Vet apologized on behalf of their staff members error but my bunny is still healing up, on pain medicine and...
  14. Maki_p29

    hurt leg?

    I would keep her on the dosage for now. It’s important to keep her pain under control. I would keep observing her and if anything becomes concerning give the Vets office a call. If things seem pretty normal until your appointment, write down questions to ask the Vet. But definitely let them know...
  15. Maki_p29

    Stinky Butt Rabbit

    I would say to investigate further. How does your bunnies bottom look? Is the fur matted a bit?(this could make their litter hang around in there matted fur) is droppings stuck in their fur? bunnies have sent glands near their pooty hole that the pooters and tinkles come from. Could it be that...
  16. Maki_p29

    hurt leg?

    Maybe she has some issue with her leg/joints. Usually if it’s a leg issue then they usually heal on their own in a week or two at most. How does your bunny seem when it’s close to their dose of pain medicine?
  17. Maki_p29

    Help with wound healing on my bunny

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I was able to talk with the Vet who apologized on behalf of the vet technicians whom were the ones that did the shave and admitted that it did in fact appear to be a wound. The technicians never notified them the had been a problem. the vet technicians still...
  18. Maki_p29

    Caring for a bunny that lost almost all sense of balance?

    I had a bunny with headtilt/ disabled. He lived for about two years after his diagnosis. Move your bunny to a smaller cadge and line the edges of his cadge with bath towels rolled up tight. This will give your bunny support if they lose balance and they can grab the edge to pull themselves up...
  19. Maki_p29

    Help with wound healing on my bunny

    I need help! Took my bunny to the vet for a regular treatment ( they get acupuncture done for their chronic bladder sludge) and while they were there I decided it would be best for them to shave her belly for me( they usually do a bikini shave for my bunny, she is a big girl and has trouble...
  20. Maki_p29

    One of our boys is sneezing

    Wow, what an ordeal Bert, Ernie and yourself have been through the past few weeks 😞. I hope each of them feel better soon!