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  1. gelliebean

    Should I throw this hay out?

    I ordered hay to be delivered to my house. It was mentioned to me that it was an older harvest and therefore a discounted price, I always received very nice hay from these people so I didn't think too much of it. The hay is very yellow and doesn't have a sweet smell. It doesn't smell like much...
  2. gelliebean

    I know it's healthy and good for her, but why does my rabbit eat 4x her size in hay?

    I have a very tiny rabbit. She was 3.5lbs her last vet appointment but since then I think she's gotten fatter (which is a good thing because she was a skinny feral). I heard that rabbits typically eat their size in hay per day. My rabbit eats probably 4x or 5x her size in her. In the morning I...
  3. gelliebean

    Why has my rabbit started to dig through her litter box? And other destructive behaviour

    My rabbit Momo, in the last week, has started to dig all the contents of her litter box onto the floor. I don't mind the hay, since hay gets everywhere anyways, but it's not fun to be cleaning up urine soaked paper bedding and wood pellets everyday. It's also important to note that she has a...
  4. gelliebean

    Baby rabbit care - How many people are able to handle the babies?

    We are starting a rescue for feral rabbits. We know we will be taking in a lot of pregnant bunnies. Because we have volunteers coming by to care for the rabbits, I don't think it would be a good idea for all of them to handle the babies. We are being advised by other rescues, but because they...
  5. gelliebean

    What is the maximum age gap for trying to bond two rabbits?

    Doing some serious convincing to my mom to allow me to get a companion for Momo. She is estimated around 8-9 months now. What do you think is an appropriate age for a companion for her? All of the ones at the shelter right now are all under six months.
  6. gelliebean

    My rabbit started licking my stuffed animals

    I have a couple of sentimental stuffies on my bed. The other night I noticed that Momo licks the stuffies. Because of this, I decided to leave the ones she liked in her area. Does this mean she's lonely? I have chatted with my mom about getting another rabbit friend for her. She's not quite on...
  7. gelliebean

    Need a guide to care for newborn rabbits

    Starting a feral rabbit rescue, almost all of the females will probably be pregnant. I have not had any personal experience caring for newborn kits and just looking for any sources to help develop my research before we start capturing.
  8. gelliebean

    Update on Momo's lung infection

    I am so thrilled! Momo had her check up last night and things went great. The doctor said that everything seemed fine from her physical exam, but I opted to have her x-rays taken again to be sure. She's completely better and there's no more mucus in her lungs like before. Her lungs look much...
  9. gelliebean

    What is a good rabbit pellet you can buy in bulk?

    I feed my pet rabbit Sherwood, but I'm starting a rescue for the ferals and feeding all of them Sherwood is too expensive. Feed stores sell rabbit food for pretty cheap. Does anyone have any favourites? I was looking at Hi-Pro but the nutrition seems to be mediocre. I supposed though when...
  10. gelliebean

    Is 'small pet select' hay really worth it?

    I've been buying 10lb boxes of SPS for $45 CAD. A feed store close to me sells a grass mix for $14.75 CAD for 60lbs. I'll probably continue to buy "treat" hays like oat for example.
  11. gelliebean

    How can I get my rabbit to stop wasting so much hay?

    My girl is currently on two different hays: Third cut timothy and orchard grass. She would not eat much hay and after switching her over to a softer hay she did eat a bit more.. But she's still wasting so much! I'm probably refilling 3x her body size in hay each day. She will remove all of the...
  12. gelliebean

    My rabbit seems stressed and flinchy lately? Could you suggest reasons why?

    So context: My rabbit is completely free roamed in my bunny-proofed room and usually I will leave the door open too so she can go in the hallway and downstairs. I take care of her but I work an 8AM-5PM job, my mom is working from home. She's currently recovering from a lung infection but still...
  13. gelliebean

    Does anyone want to guess what breed my rabbit is?

    I found her as a feral. Didn't know any better and took her home. She is absolutely one of the many loves of my life (also a mom to three dogs). Not that it matters, but I have been trying to search for her breed with no luck. ' She doesn't look like anything... very strange proportions. Her...
  14. gelliebean

    I'm starting a TNR program in my city to end the population of feral bunnies. Concerned about them moving indoors back outdoors.

    Bunnies will be in foster homes for 2-3 weeks so they can recover from surgery. Thought of the problem that once they acclimate to indoor temperatures, releasing them back into the city might face some problems. It's winter right now. Very might but we are facing temperatures up to -10C (will...
  15. gelliebean

    If anyone has experience with teaching their rabbit tricks, I need help finalizing the "fetch" command.

    My rescued bun is super smart. She's learned spin, paw, and walk (on hind legs) in less than a month. Our current trick we are working on it fetch but it's quite difficult. We're using a wooden spoon as her fetch object. She knows how to pick it up on command. Sometimes she'll fling it...
  16. gelliebean

    Please pray for my bunny - She has a lung infection

    My poor rabbit has a lung infection. Luckily, I was able to catch it and bring her into the vet before it spread or became a chronic issue. We're back to the schedule of giving her several different medicines/drops and putting her in a nebulizer everyday. I'm still anxiously waiting for the lab...
  17. gelliebean

    HELP, my rabbit at a large *but unknown* amount of BOSS

    I have a small shelf that I keep her hay, pellets, and treats on. She has never been able to access any of these from the shelf. She's been feeling better after her spay (despite having to wear a shirt) so I began to let her free roam again limited to my bedroom. I left her for a bit to go...
  18. gelliebean

    When is a good time for her to stop being limited to only a small part of my room after spay surgery?

    My bunny got spayed on Dec 7th. On Dec 11th, she was bleeding a bit so I took her back to the vet. She had been chewing on her stitches so they glued her back up and sent me home with a shirt to put on her. She's usually free roamed but right now she's confined to a small corner of my room...
  19. gelliebean

    Trying to make my underweight bunny gain weight - looking at incorporating oats and black oil sunflower seeds

    So first off, I bought quick oats. Oats are the only ingredient, so if I feed her this will it be dangerous? Also, where do you recommend getting black oil sunflower seeds? I tried looking at some local feed stores, but the only bags they have is a huuuge 50 pounds. I only have one tiny bun...
  20. gelliebean

    Rabbit has no interest in eating after spay surgery.

    I tried to syringe feed her with critical care but she absolutely hates it. She's actually quite fond of the taste (I had to feed it to her when I first rescued her) but last night and this morning was just so hard. She'll do anything in her power to escape as soon as the syringe even goes near...