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  1. lovelops

    Good bye Lady RIP March 26 2015

    It's taken me too long to post this but I have been broken up over this. Lady, my Holland Lop I rescued a year and 4 months ago died in my arms March 26th at 15 til 8pm. She turned into the love of my life from rescuing her from a fearful lop that was scared of people to a people loving lop...
  2. lovelops

    Amy Sedaris rabbit video

    I was looking up some info on rabbits and found this Amy Sedaris rabbit video. It shows her making a rabbit rescue flyer using Microsoft. She came up with the video and happens to be a bunny lover. I think it's just adorable. I'm not pushing Microsoft. I just love the bunnies in the video...
  3. lovelops

    Rabbit ID

    I've been trying to track down what type of bunny is Brooke, the large giant type white one I rescued and when I took her to the vet he thought she was a mixed breed American that was being used for meat production... well.. that's nice but I still don't have a breed... If anyone has an idea...