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  1. xbunnyx

    My rabbit's breed?

    Hi guys, I didn't know which topic to post this thread on, but yesterday when I weighed my rex rabbit for the first time, he was 11.5 pounds! I checked a chart to check if they are looking overweight, and he looks very normal. Could he be a mix with a Continental Giant or Flemish Giant? Thanks...
  2. xbunnyx

    Healthy Treats?

    Hi guys! Rex, my rabbit, has always been super shy and always flinches when anyone touches him. I wanted to start clicker training because I heard it helps train them. So I want to get some healthy treats that I can give him more. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. xbunnyx

    Goodbye Oakley

    I don't know how this happened, but on Saturday night, Oakley escaped his cage, which was in the garage because it was colder outside, and my bunnies live in a safe area outside. After he escaped, I had no idea that happened, and how it happened. The next day when I went to feed them, he was...
  4. xbunnyx

    Bringing home a new bunny

    Hi there, I will be adopting my second bun from a family friend who can't take care of him anymore. His name is Twix! Anyways... I'm going to pick up Twix on Wednesday the 12th and I will bring my carrier. It is quite small, but he can still move a bit. I might stay at my friend's house for a...
  5. xbunnyx

    Rabbit Food Toppers?

    Hi there, When I feed my buns their pellets, I wonder if there are things you can enhance the pellets with. Like food toppers, for instance, I was at the Petstore the other day and I was getting some dog food and dog food toppers which is basically wet dog food/things to make the plain food...
  6. xbunnyx

    Is it possible to bond two unneutered bunnies?

    Hi there, I have a 1.5 yo (Rex) and a 3-month-old (Twix) bunny. Both are males, both not neutered. Living in separate cages at the moment. I will be building them new cages soon. Is it possible to bond them? I plan on starting to bond them on the 14th or 15th of August, in a neutral area. Pls...
  7. xbunnyx

    Are these horse stall pellets safe for bunny litter?

    Hi there, I have a bunny, his name is Rex. He is litter trained, and once he was litter trained, I used Aspen Shavings for litter. But now I have finally decided that I want to switch litters. Aspen is cheap but hard to clean and is not very absorbent. I was scrolling on Tractor Supply and I...