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    New fur ?????!!

    My 6.5 week old bunny has patches of super short slicked down hair... is she too young to be growing in new fur ? The patches look like someone superglued an inch of’s hair and it’s the same color of her coat but she’s young???too young ?? Now that I look at it all the dark babies have it ??
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    weird thing sticking out on bunnies

    My rabbit had an accidental litter and the babies are about 4 weeks now..most of them have this weird thing sticking out of their backs and the skin is veiny and red..I wish to take them to the vet but my rabbit had 10 more kits today and I can’t spend this much money on them I’m young and can’t...
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    HELP..starving 10 day old rabbit

    My rabbit has kits....5 are super fat and warm and one of them (which used to be pretty large) is skin and bones and it’s been jumping out of the box,crying and looking for the mom and nibbling on is very aggressive so holding her while it eats isn’t a very good option for me right...
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    Kits climbing out

    My rabbit had kits in her litter box and to avoid complications I left them in there because she was already acting uninterested in the babies...I got the poop out and left her nest they are 11 days old and are climbing out of the box because it has low sides...what do I do?
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    Help mother rabbit :/

    My rabbit has a litter of kits and it’s in the safe part of the hutch..located where she goes to the restroom when I try to clean the poop in the area she goes absolutely insane lunging scratching and biting..I tried to cover the hole to the entrance for a second while she was eating and she...
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    Do these babies look fed

    I’ve been overly stressed about these they look like they’ve been fed?
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    I’m worried mama won’t feed her babies

    My rabbit had a litter last night and they look alittle skinny.At what point should I be worried and what can I do to help them survive.
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    kits overheating please help

    I am new at rabbits and I was told I was Given two female rabbits..when actually, I was given opposite genders and my female had a litter of 6 kits last night.It is summer here in Texas with the highs in the 100 F my rabbit made a nest and pulled a lot of hair you would think a snowstorm was...
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    Rabbit fat ?

    yes I know the title is kinda weird I can’t figure out how to change it...My (possibly pregnant) rabbit has been eating the same amount if not less and she is growing and looking almost obese there’s a possibility she’s pregnant... but I felt her abdomen gently and it just feels like a full...
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    Cataract? infection ? Film over eye!

    My rabbit has a blueish film over his dog gets this on his eye because of his allergies..I’m alittle worried because we paid $120 for them to just give us this ointment it turns out he doesn’t need..I don’t want the same to happen with my bunny so any help is greatly appreciated.:(
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    Could a rabbit become pregnant at 14 weeks

    quick question > could a rabbit conceive at 14 weeks old I’m aware it’s not safe but I think this has happened on accident...
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    i bought a male and female rabbit that I was told were both females they were housed together for awhile...well she’s about 13 weeks old and I know that that is young for pregnancy but she has,been aggressive,eaten an unusual amount,heavier abdomen and starts to cry when the male comes near her...
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    How to tell

    my rabbit is pregnant and it was accidental so I have no idea when she’s due if I put the nest box in early she’ll use it as a litter box if I put it in late the rabbits will die please help how do I tell she’s close..everyday she hides more and she crys loudly when I come near her...
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    um help? a while ago I bought two “female” rabbits (I checked them they seemed to be 100% female) they bonded.They are from different litters and they do very well together,sharing food cleaning each other....but recently I’ve noticed the smaller “female” humping the larger...Im aware females...
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    Bladder sludge

    My rabbits live outside and their house connects to the shed so they can enter a warm place at night. Just today,I noticed that they moved the litter box and peed on the floor of the hutch it leaked through and now I see the puddle of the calcium excretion (I usually see and wash away)today...
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    I’m in my rabbits xpen spending time with her and she keeps randomly jumping up and spinning around. I’ve seen her binky and it looks really similar... the only reason I think it’s not a binky is because she stops and freezes for like 6 seconds with big eyes (white showing) and then goes back...
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    Hi.. my rabbit’s breed is unknown,I tried the identification forum and her features are not coming out as possible breeds.So I need some detailed help...I’m not very educated about how genetics affect color but I’m thinking she may be a Dutch that’s white markings dont show.She is brown and she...
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    She is getting more scared of me?

    I’ve had both my rabbits for a little under two months and they are alittle over two months old of my girls is so sweet and social and the other is not so happy to see me EVER.I thought it was just her personality or she just needed some time with me to get used to me.I was very wrong...
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    I’ve read rabbits only lick you when they trust rabbits are new and they definitely don’t trust me yet so what are the other reasons for licking ?
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    :0 X-pen issues

    im using a x pen as a run for my rabbits and they try to fit through the holes and get stuck...I really don’t want to get rid of it though’s really helpful and quick to transport. Its weird, the holes are about an inch wide yet they still try to stick their bodies through and get stuck...