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  1. Popsicles

    Happy birthday Poppy!

    Happy 5th birthday to my little sunshine, Poppy. Here she is about to run off with her birthday cake!
  2. Popsicles

    Needy bunny

    I’ve just moved house in the last couple of weeks meaning my bunny is properly free range having the whole downstairs (including my bedroom) but shut in the kitchen at night or when I’m out. Previously she just had the kitchen in my old house. Basically the last couple of days she has been...
  3. Popsicles

    Constant moulting

    Poppy has always been a pretty seasonal moulter, usually get one big moult around April and another around October.. but with the weather so up and down in the UK this spring/summer she is just in one constant moult.. and it’s driving me mad. I spend about 15 minutes twice a day brushing and...
  4. Popsicles

    Rabbit and kitten

    So I move back and forth between uni and home with my bunny (who is free range). She is really relaxed and not bothered by new environments, or anything really. When I go back to uni in September I will be moving into a different house than before, with new housemates. My new housemate likes the...
  5. Popsicles

    Too hot outside?

    Just wondering, when would people consider it too hot to put a bunny outside? Being in the UK this is rarely an issue, but it is 25 degrees out today. It was pretty stifling indoors so I thought we should go and sit outside - there’s plenty of shade and a mild breeze and she is fine, bouncing...
  6. Popsicles

    Bad days

    Can rabbits just have “bad days”? Because my spayed female bunny has been in a foul mood all day, lunging at me when I walk past, and didn’t come up for morning cuddles. She’s chill now and we’re having a cuddle but I haven’t quite forgiven her for her sass earlier today haha.
  7. Popsicles

    Moving house

    So my bunny is currently in an x-pen style set up with free range of my (quite large) room when at uni, and lives free range in the kitchen at home. She is very litter trained, to the point that she won’t even wee or poo in the garden. I am moving house soon and she will have free range of all...
  8. Popsicles

    Microchipping bunnies

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone (particularly in UK) has got their bunnies microchipped? I’m moving house and just REALLY stressed about the idea of my new housemates accidentally leaving a door open and her running out. But mainly it’s just the peace of mind. But wondered how they tolerate...