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  1. valaria243

    Odd behavior

    Hi all, I have a pair of sisters that are almost 5 years old. They are not spayed yet but usually, they are pretty well-behaved. The dominant one, Sassy has started (maybe 2-3 months ago) doing this odd behavior usually in the AM. She will pick up some hay and newspapers in her mouth and just...
  2. valaria243

    Nettle roots & bad searches

    Hi all, I am trying to find some new items for my bunny, Binky. I was looking on Amazon and saw a few things that seemed promising but wondering if anyone has tried them? *Dried Dandelion and Nettle Roots? Says it's for helping to wear their teeth, The following are by a company called 'Pet...
  3. valaria243

    Fuzzy (RIP)

    We have made the difficult decision to put Fuzzy to sleep. She has had quite the struggle with E. Cuniculi over the last year. She made some improvements and was maintaining her health at a good level. Within the last couple of weeks she has been going into a decline. Saturday it had become...
  4. valaria243

    Carpet cleaner?

    Here's the deal. I am looking for a carpet cleaning machine that works great at cleaning pet stains (I have 2 rabbits and 4 cats). So I need your opinions on what machines you all have and what you have found to work best on those stubborn pet stains. I would greatly appreciate it!:sweep
  5. valaria243

    "Fat" foods for buns

    Hi, Fuzzy has lost some weight during her battle with the parasite and I'm looking for some foods to help her put some weight back on. Any good ideas?
  6. valaria243

    Safe shampoo and toys?

    Hi all, Just wondering what is a safe shampoo to use for buns? I haven't been able to find any rabbit specific brand locally and I really need to give Fuzzy a bath (due to her hind leg issues she ends up urinating on herself during the day while I'm at work). Also with my new dwarf bunny...
  7. valaria243

    Bunny scares off burglars!!

    I thought this was funny. I wonder if I can get a homeowner's insurance discount for an alarm system because I now have 2 bunnies. Granted niether are giants but still...
  8. valaria243

    Rescued albino bunny

    I just got this little bunny from my friend's coworker. Her kids saved it from a dog's mouth! It looks pretty young and is definitely albino but I'm not sure breed or even what sex it might be. If the pix doesn't show here's the link to the picture...
  9. valaria243

    Fuzzy update

    I just wanted to give an update on Fuzzy's progress. Recap: Fuzzy is a spayed female, 9 yr old Lop mix that started having weakness in her hind legs in Dec. Xrays showed no fractures/damage but she was dragging hind legs. People suggested that she might have the ec parasite and I printed out...
  10. valaria243

    What is up with Fuzzy?

    Someone suggested I should make a new thread so here goes. The first time this happened was Dec 20. She was out of her cage roaming and was fine. When I saw her later she was dragging her back legs. I called my vet the next morning and we took her in. They were examining her in between...