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  1. Chas Hankins

    What breed is my bunny?

    Okay to update everyone on Willow, yesterday was the due date her previous owner told us. Howeverwe have no kits yet, she hasn’t built a nest or pulled fur. She is still eating and drinking normally. Her tummy is harm and she is a lot more moody than normal. I’m just worried since this is my...
  2. Chas Hankins

    What breed is my bunny?

    She has been laying more on her side and not eating as much as she normally does. I’m biting my nails in anticipation practically. I can’t wait, I will definitely post an update when they are born :D
  3. Chas Hankins

    Cutting Nails?

    I was able to trim "most" of them without her really caring, I will try to trim the rest of them tomorrow since I don't want to stress her out since she is so close to kindling.
  4. Chas Hankins

    What breed is my bunny?

    I figure at this point she is just a big mess of a little bit of everything.
  5. Chas Hankins

    Cutting Nails?

    Yeah, also she is pretty cranky right now since she is due in about 3 days lol
  6. Chas Hankins

    Cutting Nails?

    Thanks for the tips!
  7. Chas Hankins

    Cutting Nails?

    They are long and sharp enough to bring blood if she kicks off you. I was able to trim them a bit while she was snacking on some greens. I don't believe her previous owners ever trimmed her nails because they didn't really have a need to.
  8. Chas Hankins

    What breed is my bunny?

    She is currently very prego so she weighs a little more than normal but probably between 4-6 lb not pregnant
  9. Chas Hankins

    Cutting Nails?

    My bunny Willow is due to give birth by the 16th. I have been reading through some of the forums and seen what bunny nails can do to newborn kits. Should I cut her nails or will her kits be fine?
  10. Chas Hankins

    Urgent: jumping

    How big around is the pen? Could you possible put something over it to deter him from wanting to jump?
  11. Chas Hankins

    What breed is my bunny?

    Here are some better close up photos of her 2D5B14A9-EACF-49C4-B36F-461EEB9A609D by Chas Hankins posted Mar 12, 2019 at 6:12 PM 3B7983A1-99E0-411D-A5DE-C743BFC03C81 by Chas Hankins posted Mar 12, 2019 at 6:12 PM B478F9CF-0529-4E60-AEE1-424BE65E25B8 by Chas Hankins posted Mar 12, 2019 at 6:12 PM...
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  16. Chas Hankins

    What breed is my bunny?

    I will get more this afternoon when I get home. She doesn’t really have the plush fur like a Rex. I think she might be a havana or satin.
  17. Chas Hankins

    What breed is my bunny?

    About a week ago I finally decided I was ready to get a bunny. I have done reaserch and knew what I wanted. In my location there isn’t any bunny adoption/rescues within a 100 miles so I got her from a flea market. She came from a loving home and had clearly been handled and lived inside. She had...
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    First day we got Willow 3/2/19
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    Willow with our poodle Hope Marie
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    Willow with our poodle Hope Marie