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    Please help!! 1 year old Rex rabbit bad rash unsure about vet recommendations

    Ok so this is my girlfriends Rex rabbit who has been sickly most of his life it seems like there is always something we originally found this exotic vet when he had a cold and he seems very experienced and is very nice but I don’t think this rabbit has ever been well and we have been to the vet...
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    How much should my rabbit weigh

    I have a 3 & 1/2 month old Rex rabbit at least we believe he is a Rex he could me a mini Rex he eats good and always seems hungry but he just barely got over 3 pounds by last night is that underweight for a Rex should he be eating more he gets unlimited hay and water roughly a 1/4-1/3 cup of...
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    Rabbit digging on me like it’s a sport

    So our rabbit is about 3 months old (just started hitting puberty) and he loves to dig specifically on me I can pick him up and set him in my lap (he doesn’t mind being held...most of the time) and after a few pets he will start digging in my shirt like crazy and stop and bit my shirt pull on it...
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    Good litter options

    I have been using critter care bedding as litter for my young rabbit and he seems to like it but what should I be using he seems to sleep in his litter box I don’t know if it’s because it’s softer than the rest of his pin but I don’t want to confuse him and put bedding everywhere
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    Rabbit pees and poops on my bed

    I have seen this asked before but I have a young rabbit 7ish weeks old I have let him on my bed a few times and now he has learned to jump from my Ottoman to my bed quite the jump for such a little guy anyway he poops all over it but more annoying I guess is that he has a couple of particular...
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    Picky rabbit

    we recently got our first rabbit he is still pretty young 6-8 weeks not positive he is very happy and runs and binkies all the time....and poops everywhere but that’s besides the point for the moment I would really like to find a good treat for training purposes and rewards so far no luck I’ve...
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    New bunny need help with id-ing breed and health issue

    this is our new bunny he is supposed to be 6 weeks old not positive though I would like help identifying his breed and he seems to be sneezing when I try to google it everyone says it’s only if a problem if he’s sneezing too much but as I am new to this I have no clue how much is too much about...