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    Bunny Bonding Struggles

    I am bonding my 4 bunnies (2 boys and 2 girls), and they were doing really well. Now it seems like they are back tracking and we are going into week 3. All are fixed and have been for 6+ months. Placed in a neutral territory At the start Moe was nipping at Louie, and Chloe would sometimes nip...
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    Fostering Rabbits is tough

    So I had 6 rabbits (some of you may remember from one of my posts), 2 of which I was kind of fostering, and was planning on keeping since I was getting attached. 6 rabbits was a lot, especially in an apartment, but I still loved them and had started looking for houses to create a big space for...
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    6 Bonded Rabbits

    Hi everyone...I am looking for some feedback. I have 6 rabbits, 3 sets of pairs. My goal is to bond all 6 together (once I get a house and can create a bunny space). Has anyone bonded 6 rabbits together? How difficult was it? Does having them all bonded make it easier? Is it easier to work...
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    Biting Bunny

    Hi All, I need some help/advice. My rabbit Chloe has always been sweet and wanted pets. She is spayed and about 2 years old. Lately, she has been kind of aggressive. She used to nip me if I was in her cage (which I get). But lately if I am picking up hay or poop in the room where their cage is...
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    What do you use in your litter box

    I am looking for suggestions I usually use recycled paper pellet litter, but with 6 rabbits its expensive. I have tried paper in the bottom of the tray but the rabbitsdont like it Any other suggestions?
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    Anyone one else have 6 rabbits?!

    I thought 4 was a lot, now I have 6 rabbits...don't ask how! Moe: He is my first and I like to call him my mustache man/bun. He doesn't care about people as much, but he loves Chloe. Chloe is his everything! He doesn't mind being pushed around by her. He is spunky and beats to his own drum...
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    Litter using another corner

    I need help. One of my rabbits was litter trained now he is using a seperate corner. Its either because i moved him out of my room or because i haven't had much time to let them out like I used to. Anyone have any tips to help? I keep cleaning up after him asap, and putting the dirty paper towel...
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    Crazy Bunny Lady

    I now have 4 rabbits. It all started with 1 rabbit, then he needed a friend. Then because I had bunnies, someone who knew me, who knew someone else that was giving up a bunny asked me if I wanted a third...why not?! Right? Well so now I have 2 males and a female but I can't bond them until the...
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    Anyone have success with trios?

    Currently I have 2 rabbits (Chloe and Moe). One of my friends had to give up her rabbit and asked if I would take him, since she couldn't have him. I am currently fostering but thinking about adding him into my bunny family. I have done a lot of research and know all of the pros and cons of a...
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    New bunny house

    I built a new cage/ entertainment center for the buns! They love it. Still waiting for the artificial grass to come in to put on the floor for them.
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    Urination Not In Litterbox

    Help! My rabbit is litterbox trained, but now he is peeing all over his cage, including his litterbox. I found all different kinds of answers online. Could he be unhappy with his cage setup even though it hasn't changed? His cage was moved to a corner? But that was weeks ago and this just...
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    Potty Training - Poop

    Hi everyone! This is my second rabbit, but first rabbit I have had that is litter trained. Since I am still a newbie, my rabbit (Moe) will pee in his litter all of the time, but doesn't always poop in it. Sometimes when I let him run around my place he will leave poop here and there. Is this...