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    RESOLVED: Checkered Giant and Mini Rex buddies need new home

    Is there anyone looking for a pair of bunnies with great potential of being house rabbits? They are litter box trained and neutered. Polo is the checkered giant. He's guessed to be 5 years old and he is a dominant bunny. Potter is the mini rex who is around 2 years old and is submissive. The...
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    Making a hard decision...

    Ok so let me say I've been going back and forth on this and I feel bad about it but I just don't know so I am posting to get your comments, all of them - good or bad. I want to read what you guys have to say. I've had my two bunnies for about a year now.The goal was to make them house bunnies...
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    Rabbits just started not using the litterbox?

    My two boys have been living together for 3 weeks or so now and everything was going great. BUT yesterday my big boy peed on the top level (litter box is on the bottom level) and hes never not used the litter box. Then this morning when I wake up there was a lot of poops on the second level! Any...
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    should I feel bad?

    It's been almost 2 months since I brought my first rabbit, Polo, home. Yesterday for mothers day I was going to have my parents over for dinner. But because my brother and his girlfriend were coming it had to be at my parents home. Basically, after I brought Polo home and my mom found out she...
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    How do I know when the bunnies are bonded?

    I still I have alots of bonding sessionsto go with Polo and Potter but they are making progress so I'd just like to know what I amshould be lookingfor to confirm when they are fully bonded. " alt="">
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    So far with daily bonding

    So the first time Polo and Potter were together was at the rescue and they did great, both were curious and Potter was low to the ground. The rescue lady said that Potter is a submissive bun and I've been told from Polo's previous owner that he is dominant so I thought it'd be a great match. The...
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    I heard a walnut a day helps a bunny's belly and coat. What part do I give, the whole thing shell and all or just the nut?
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    Great news!

    For any of you who want to start from the beginning the below link is the original post. Now onto great news! Today was Polo's appointment to see if him and "silky dumpling" would get along. They did great! Silky Dumpling, now named...
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    When talking about rex's and mini rex's whats

    I've seen a lot saying otter but I don't know if that means more than just black, the pattern or what. So, I'd like to know. thanks!
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    I went to a shelter that has rabbits today!

    I didn't think I was in a hurry to get a friend for Polo but earlier today I found myself at a rabbit shelter looking at what she had for adoption. She saved the best for last! He's a neutered 8 month old broken black mini rex. He is the sweetest bun to Polo. So I let her know I am...
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    is it easier to bond a baby bun and an adult

    I'm already thinking about getting Polo a friend. I'd prefer to rescue but I found someone thats selling mini rex babies. My question is, which would be better or have a better chance at a successful happy bunnyship - adult adult or adult baby?
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    Why do shelters bond their rabbits?

    I was browsing petfinder and would come across cute bunnies that I wanted to learn more about. I'd like to eventually get a friend for Polo, thus I would adopt a single female rabbit. I've noticed that some of the rabbits that I click on where bonded with another rabbit at the shelter and thus...
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    blue eyed bunnies?

    How common is it to have a blue eyed rabbit? Plus, I'd LOVE to see pictures of any you guys may have! :)
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    what woods are rabbit safe?

    I think I'd like to find some wood and chop it up and make fun toys for Polo to chew on/up. I have an apple tree that I plan on offering to him - how does that work do I have to clean it and let it dry like I would when giving the tree branches to my birds? I'd love to have a little list that I...
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    Is this ok for the bottom of my rabbit cage for traction?

    I am still looking for something that is safe for bunny to chew and probably eat - since I'm pretty sure Polo won't spit out what he is chewing on. So, I found this person selling sisal pieces. Can I consider this stuff safe for Polo to munch on? I've tried a fabric mat but it didn't last two...
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    NIC cage is finally done!

    I thought I'd post a picture of my finished NIC cage with Polo in it. He really likes the space but has yet to go on the upper levels - it's only been a day but I think it may still be too slippery for him? One thing that I did end up doing that no where else mentioned is I used a lighter and...
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    Help with cage set up

    So my rabbit is litter trained and is currentlyin a small dog crate. He will move into his new NIC cage once it's completed. Right now his litter box (with timothy hay also) is in VERY close proximity to his food and water bowls -turn to the side in the litter boxand the bowls are right there...
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    I was buying my NIC supplies and noticed that zip ties

    Should I buy a certain weight limit zip tie? The video said .75" andthose are50lbs and there was another one that was .5 inches longer (8") and was for 75lbs. I read somewhere "do not buy zip ties under 80lbs weight limit". Does it matter what zip tie "strength"/weight limitI buy?
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    For those of you who used coroplast on the bottom of your rabbit cages

    How tall did you make the sides and did you put any of the plastic framing on the top edge so the rabbit couldn't chew it? How do you like it? I'd like to have a taller border on the bottom of my NIC cage so hopefully most of the hay stays inside but I'm unsure how tall to go...any help or ideas...
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    NIC cage on wheels?

    I posted earlier about a NIC cage I like - which measures 42 tall 28 deep 42 long. Could I put this on a base with wheels and wheel it around so it's easier to clean around?