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    Rabbits pushing

    I'm curious to know if anyone rabbit is constantly pushing on them? My almost 6 month old is always pushing on me. Any time my feet hit touch the ground he's pushing on my leg or foot. He never wants attention or affection while he is doing this.
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    Change in behavior

    My girlfriend and mine 4 months baby rabbit behavior has changed and I'm a little. he usually very energetic and kinda crazy but the last day and a half he has been very calm and not quite the same. we also and an almost 3-year-old rabbit who is acting her normal self.
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    I accidentally stepped on my baby bunny

    I accidentally stepped on my baby bunny bean when I was cleaning. A few minutes later I went to find him to apologize and I noticed he had a small amount of blood on his nose. I picked him up and my girlfriend and I cleaned him off. We offered him food and he didn’t want any. He took some...