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  1. aquaspiral

    Rabbit Thumping (more than usual)

    Okay...I'm guessing he was just really scared of something that I couldn't hear. He finally calmed down after lots of cuddles, treats, and calming music. I am still not sure what triggered it, but as long as he is feeling okay, is pooping, peeing, eating and drinking well I will just try my...
  2. aquaspiral

    Rabbit Thumping (more than usual)

    Hi! I'm not sure if I should put this in the medical section or behavioral section. My rabbit is almost 2 years old, is neutered, he has been eating, drinking and pooping well. This morning he has been thumping almost non-stop. He is still eating and drinking etc. normally. He is partially...
  3. aquaspiral

    Advice for Bunny who isn't eating

    Hi everyone, My pet bunny, Onigiri, is a lionhead mix, 11 months old and is neutered. Last night he ate his dinner and everything was normal. This morning he had zero interest in his food and did not want his preferred treats, any fruits, veggies, or water. His activity level was about 90%...
  4. aquaspiral

    A Pocket Pet Toy Giveaway!

    Oh thank you for this giveaway! My bunny would adore this :rabbithop