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  1. Apollo’s Slave

    How to clean my very picky bunny

    You could try to add a tiny bit of his regular pellets to his hay. You can also do dried forage and dried herbs work too as you are on a lower budget (just the regular stuff from your kitchen - basil, thyme and mint are favs for us). I agree with @HalaBuns. Sometimes they need a little bit of...
  2. Apollo’s Slave

    Update...but a sad one

    Do you know of any breeders near you? Im thinking that maybe a doe (or two, depending on the size of her litter) could foster them? I’ve heard that that could work, but I’ve never tried it
  3. Apollo’s Slave

    How to clean my very picky bunny

    I’m not sure your budget, but these seem to be good. Look for hay that’s green (see picture) rather than the regular brown pet store quality ones (see...
  4. Apollo’s Slave

    Companion needed

    I would look at your local rescues. I think you have ASPCA in the US? If you Google “rabbit rescues near me” you can find some good ones! Also, @Angie could you take the phone number off?
  5. Apollo’s Slave

    How to clean my very picky bunny

    Timothy, meadow, orchard grass, rye grass, Bermuda, oat hay and there are so many more! Just check you local farm, pet stores, or online. Small pet select has good hay! Make sure the hay you get is good quality, meaning it’s bright green with long strands and a sweet smell. And try to get hay...
  6. Apollo’s Slave

    Goodbye Eclipse...

    Aw I’m so sorry for your loss 💔 I hope you’re doing okay, and her kits are alright
  7. Apollo’s Slave

    Not eating much hay and tiny poos

    Try wrapping the critical care in the veggies. That has worked with Apollo before
  8. Apollo’s Slave

    Let’s play the “Name Game”

    Unlike my last game which I stole off the guinea pigs forum, I think (maybe) I made this one myself! The rules are simple, your bunnies name must start with the letter after the previous poster! I’m not sure if I’m explaining this properly but here is what I mean: “My bunnies name is Ace...
  9. Apollo’s Slave

    Not eating much hay and tiny poos

    I agree with @Diane R. It doesn’t seem like it’s going too well :( If he gets to a vet tonight and they decide to keep him overnight, you won’t need to pay until tomorrow. That way you have enough time to find a way to get enough money for him. I’m not sure if you have anyone in your family...
  10. Apollo’s Slave

    Meet Bailey!

    Haha I can definitely tell with the boredom thing! He can’t go out properly until he’s 14 weeks old (when he has his third vaccinations) but we’re going to take him on his first walk just around our neighbourhood next week. Bailey is okay-ish in the car! When he’s in the crate he’s scared but...
  11. Apollo’s Slave

    Meet Bailey!

    Thank you! Yeah, he’s super smart 🥺
  12. Apollo’s Slave

    Meet Bailey!

    Hahah he’s already causing problems 😂 He’s super smart though! We’ve taught him down and stay today and he’s doing it really well! Our breeder compared puppies to babies so many times so I’m sure the saying is wrong 😂😂 I couldn’t imagine having to look after both at the same time!! Must’ve...
  13. Apollo’s Slave

    Meet Bailey!

    I do believe that I have the best puppy 🙈 We picked him up yesterday afternoon (we got caught in an hour of traffic) and he was great! The first thing he did was grab my braids and tried to eat them! In the car, he threw up and peed in the first 10 minutes but fell asleep for the rest of the...
  14. Apollo’s Slave

    What is your favorite rabbit color?

    I love butterfly orange lops 🙈
  15. Apollo’s Slave

    What gender?? 💛

    One of my aunts bunnies (from a thread a few weeks ago!) have been identified by a vet as a male. They originally thought both were female. The vet couldn’t tell what gender the other was so I decided to check myself ahah but I have no idea! I think it might be a female??
  16. Apollo’s Slave

    Goodbye Rex :(

    I’m so sorry for your loss! He had a a great owner, I’m sure. Binky free Rex 🌈💛
  17. Apollo’s Slave

    Is a rabbit right for me?

    My current bunny will tolerate being stroked for a little while, some days will sit on my lap and lick me, other days he will hop away as soon as I’m near. He’s too busy building his bunny empire to spend all his time with his human (duh!). I can also pick him up when I need to but when I put...
  18. Apollo’s Slave

    Does Ruby's eye look odd?

    I can’t see it too well but it does seem like it’s just the way the sun hit it! Of course, you can just wave your hand about her face and see if she notices it like she normally would (I’m not sure if this is a real way to check but that’s what I’d do 😅)! Apollo has the same sort of eyes (they...
  19. Apollo’s Slave

    Not eating much hay and tiny poos

    Fruit isn’t bad for them in excess but it should always be fed as a treat. Apollo gets fruit or treats containing fruit no more than three times a week (either 1tbsp if it’s fresh fruit or 2-3 treats if it’s a treat), he tends to get bad poops if he has more that that.
  20. Apollo’s Slave


    Of course! Friday is only a few days away, so I’m sure he’ll be alright! You’ll also be able to monitor him to make sure that he’s not being over dramatic too over that period haha! If he does end up just being dramatic, you can cancel the appointment and if it gets any worse in the next few...