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    Temporary home for a lion head

    Guys I couldn't find any airline that accepts rabbits so I am looking for a temporary house for my rabbit while I am away. I am gonna be out of country for 2 or 2.5 months I will provide all her needs. Also I can pay 100€/month. I am living in Limburg/Belgium. Also pet hotel would be great if...
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    Travelling with a bunny

    Hello bunny lovers, I am looking for airways who accept bunnies in cabin. Do you know any? I have to travel from Europe might be Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. If you don't know any my second question is can a bunny handle being in a cargo for 3 h flight? Thanks a lot for your help.
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    Please help: injured bunny

    Guys I need help. I think my bunny injured her front arm/paw. She cannot step on it. She always keep that paw above. I have realised today but I am not sure when this is happened because she is acting normal. Eats regular and even jump on to the sofa and then floor again. You can see her...
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    I can't handle my bunny anymore

    Guys please help!!! 6 months ago we got a Lion head. She is almost a year old now. She has been free roam since we got her however the damage getting worse and worse. The problem is she addicted to wall and our sofa. We are doing everything we can to distract her but it is impossible. She just...